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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Yes my vast knowledge of waiting tables let me know that sometimes people join their party late... You deal with it. It also let's me know that my job isn't over once I take an order. I did walk over to the bars, I did try the wandering alcohol minstrels, it was consistently 10-15 minutes for a drink with maybe three under five. So yes...I probably spent 6-8 hours waiting for drinks over the course of the vacation. Except the first day when I was paying for each. As far as sharing my drink package... Lighten up, Francis. The 15 drink rule is
  2. Just got back from my first cruise in a long while (other two were RCL, Granduer and Explorer) and the wait times for almost all services were terrible. I don't think I went from "I want a drink" to having a drink in my hand in less than ten minutes with many times being 15 or more. I'm talking showing up early for trivia and not getting back to my group until question 9. MDR service had one good experience, every other time it was like once they got my order I didn't exist anymore. Wandering servers were few and far between and getting one to actually take a drink order required way more than
  3. I stayed five days at the Grand Palladium Jamaica. Hands down the best resort I've been to. Great food, great beaches, great service. If I weren't going on a cruise, I'd be going back for my next vacation. If you're snorkeling and see a pile of shells outside a hole, take a peek! There's an octopus inside 🙂
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