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  1. Jeffrey1950

    Is it just me..........

    Maybe when they see how many are disliking the new format they will change back to the good old days. We will see what is more important to them we the people or a fancy site- I say lets unite and band together on this...
  2. Jeffrey1950

    Is it just me..........

    Is it just me or do others dislike the new format for this board? Like the saying goes if it is not broken don't fix it. Of course I will continue to use it but I find it very annoying compare to the old one. Just saying !!
  3. Jeffrey1950

    Any change ?

    Are you still allowed to bring some alcohol on board to consume in your cabin. I know things change some times and I just wanted to check before I sail in a few weeks. Thanks !!
  4. Jeffrey1950

    QM2 Arrival in NYC on my 50th Birthday!

    Perhaps it was not a church bell- I say that because I have experience bell sounds also but they were coming from "buoys" in the water.
  5. Jeffrey1950

    Just off QM2 Fashion Week Crossing

    Are you on the November 25th. for 13 days to the Caribbean cruise? If so you will love it. I did the 12 day last year and am on the 13 day this year.
  6. Jeffrey1950

    Making coffee in my cabin?

    I guess some people like to travel with as little as possible. Like your husband I do an excel spread sheet and when something comes to mind I add it. The thing I think that surprises most people when I say I take a roll of duct tape- reason for that is in the event of a tear in luggage or broken handle- hey presto...
  7. Jeffrey1950

    Making coffee in my cabin?

    Saddle Brook- used to also live for many years in the UK.
  8. Jeffrey1950

    Making coffee in my cabin?

    Greetings from N.J neighbor.Thank you for seeing my point of view but as I have also said before to each their own. I rather have and not need than need and not have. By the way just for the record ( Jeffrey ) is just part of my nickname for this site I am a female. That was my mothers maiden name and I like to use it some times it helps keep her memory alive in my heart. And being a female you can imagine almost everything but the kitchen sink goes on board with me.
  9. Jeffrey1950

    Making coffee in my cabin?

    But surely it is up to the individual what they want to bring and as a very conscious planner I can assure you I have everything and then again some. And then there are some items of what I bring that just makes common sense. I must be doing something right because many people over the years have asked for a copy of my list. To me bringing the things I bring do not make it seem like a camping trip more common sense than anything.
  10. Jeffrey1950

    Making coffee in my cabin?

    And don't forget if you enjoy a drink in your cabin Cunard let's you brink alcohol on board and you may want to bring some soft drinks as well. Last time on the ship when I took coke out of the mini bar it was the normal vending machine size and I was charged $3.75 per bottle. That is way to high and of course we have choices no one forced me to buy it but they got me once not a second time.
  11. Jeffrey1950

    Making coffee in my cabin?

    Trust me- you will be glad you brought two. The kind I have in mind to take is one that you open the lid and it stays open like a stick kind that will be open all the time in the bathroom and for the cabin a spray of some kind.
  12. Jeffrey1950

    Making coffee in my cabin?

    You won't need to bring a kettle on board ship as there is one in your cabin. I intend to bring two fresheners one for the bathroom and one for the cabin.
  13. Jeffrey1950

    Mini bar

    Yes, and unlike other Lines Cunard allows you to bring on Alcohol. Cunard treats it's passenger's like Adults.
  14. Jeffrey1950

    Making coffee in my cabin?

    I found the instant coffee in my cabin last year to be utterly disgusting I was on the ship for 12 days and this year will be on it for 13 days and for sure am bringing my own coffee. Before I am off the ship I write in a note pad things I want to bring on the next trip- so number one is coffee I think I will get the coffee bags that you can purchase and number two on the list is Air Freshener to freshen up the air in the cabin.
  15. Jeffrey1950

    Is it worth my asking.....

    Yes, you are right I never did think about the safety issues.