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  1. I see cruise critic has now unblinded my review. Amazing.
  2. These responses are a perfect reflection of our princess cruise experience. Thank you for helping others envision it. I'd like to thank you all for your responses, especially the kind ones. ❤️
  3. Here is my cruise review that seems to have been deleted off the review section of cruise critic: First and last princess cruise. Planned this to celebrate my husband's retirement. Thought it would be a spectacular start. This was our fourth cruise, fourth cruise line. Never had a complaint before. Can't believe how horrible this was. The good: Embarkation was incredibly smooth. Went early to escape the crowds waiting at the hotel. Figured we'd rather wait in a long line at terminal and were surprised to walk right on ship shortly after 11am. Our room steward was the perfect mix. Had everything in order without being intrusive. The other good is the medallion system. Once you figure it out it's awesome. All their training seems to have gone into this. Need to work on service. Had anytime dining. No table for two first night so sat with others which we enjoyed. Surprised to see many men in shorts. Next night (not formal) my husband decided to wear dress shorts and button down shirt. We accidentally ended up walking near the set time dining room. The host dressed in a white suit came rushing at my husband demanding to know if we intended to eat there. I said no, we were looking for the anytime. He made a spectacle of us and announced loudly that he wouldn't be allowed to eat there either dressed like that. Everyone in line staring gaped mouth at this. Three days into retirement and an arrogant ignoramus is yelling at him. He changed to dress pants and we rode the elevator down with a couple men heading to dinner in their dress shorts. I did let them know my husband had just been yelled at for this. And laughed and tried to let it go. Not being a meat eater the dinners were quite disappointing. I don't know how they turn fish into a dry leathery substance...even the everyday favorite salmon is incredibly dry. The trout was spectacular one night, probably because I asked if it could be made without the seafood stuffing so they made me a special one, which I greatly appreciated. I had read the complaints about how lengthy dinner service was. We enjoy leisurely dinners so I thought that was overblown. The time it took between each course was ridiculous. Complaints are spot on. Probably why there is never enough seating as well. Booked the enclave for the week because I have back issues and the heated stone loungers are a godsend, Usually. They have many of them. None work as they should...lukewarm at best so no point. Asked at desk if she could up the temperature. Said she would. Never happened. I improvised and laid down on a double seat in a heated room to get the heat in my back. This worked well for a couple days. They lost their heat as well. A couple days in...no heat. The voice of the ocean finale they handed out remotes to vote for your favorite. Had to trade it for your medallion. The way out of the princess theater was a nightmare...I had come out the far door from desk. People all around getting their medallions back. Mine had a novel attachment unlike any other so I put the remote down and picked mine up. Crew are not permitted to be named on cc so (the girl at desk) literally screamed at me "don't touch them!!" She took it back then looked at the remote for the number and yes, it was mine so gave it back to me. I just walked away in shock...having not been yelled at since I was twelve. Then went back to get her name to complain to passenger services, who basically said "well you should have waited in line so it's your fault but yeah I'll let them know". I understand they put this single crew member in a terrible situation with everyone exiting the theater at the same time coming from different doors. But no passenger should be screamed at. A polite " I'm sorry no one can handle these but me" would suffice. Totally unacceptable behavior from her and passenger services who should have just apologized for the behavior. Need to come up with a more fluid system with the remotes so crew unequipped for handling pressure wouldn't crumble. Pub lunch at wheelhouse was the best fish on the boat. In the ship fact sheet it states lunch is offered daily. It was offered once. The last full day, so a ridiculous long wait to get in. The same host, who yelled at my husband previously, seating everyone with lots of attitude. I don't think princess understands they are in the service industry. So severely lacking. The cruise started with my husband being yelled and ended with me being yelled at. As if that wasn't enough, the final insult...we purchased the transfer to airport. Went to the dining room assigned for disembarkation,asked if there was paper I needed for transfer. He said no, just follow the group. It will be clear. Was easy getting out of terminal. Followed to blue sign saying princess transfers to right with rep also saying transfers to the right....which everyone was led to a lineup of taxis taking our bags and putting them in cars. (No princess rep in between) Drove to airport and then driver demanded payment. I needed a voucher for transfer which princess never gave us. Are you kidding me?? Ended up paying him. What else was there to do. Finally made it home and all I want to do is cry. Thankful that we at least met some lovely passengers along the way.
  4. I did not know (should have read the rules) you couldn't name crew in reviews, although if you're complimenting them it seems to be fine. So...I did have to remove a name before they originally posted it. Removed it and it was posted no problem. I do have my original draft (a few grammatical changes were made) so will post here shortly. Thanks for responding.
  5. Anyone else have their review disappear after being up for a few weeks? My review had seven helpful votes last time I checked...just came back to see if anyone else appreciated it and now it is nowhere to be found.
  6. That is too bad! The ocean concierge app makes it sound like they will bring anything anywhere...
  7. Your wife has a good husband 👍🏻😄 thanks for the info!
  8. I will have him take both the first time but try using just his...thanks!
  9. Will definitely send the husband then! Thanks!
  10. Ooh good to know...will let the steward know first thing that this will be our early m o so we don't start on the wrong footing. 😮
  11. Yes, we have the beverage packages. So two medallions would show up...I just don't want to tag along if I don't need to. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for responding! Can you order specialty coffees from room service? My husband is an early riser and would prefer to wander and pick it up if possible.
  13. Or do I need to get my butt out of bed also? 🤓
  14. Going back and forth on the beverage package...happy just not paying more to get the "free" apps. Thanks for your input!
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