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  1. That is too bad! The ocean concierge app makes it sound like they will bring anything anywhere...
  2. Your wife has a good husband 👍🏻😄 thanks for the info!
  3. I will have him take both the first time but try using just his...thanks!
  4. Will definitely send the husband then! Thanks!
  5. Ooh good to know...will let the steward know first thing that this will be our early m o so we don't start on the wrong footing. 😮
  6. Yes, we have the beverage packages. So two medallions would show up...I just don't want to tag along if I don't need to. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for responding! Can you order specialty coffees from room service? My husband is an early riser and would prefer to wander and pick it up if possible.
  8. Or do I need to get my butt out of bed also? 🤓
  9. Going back and forth on the beverage package...happy just not paying more to get the "free" apps. Thanks for your input!
  10. Perfect! Thanks so much. Looking forward to our first princess cruise. 😁
  11. You mentioned the bar offering free apps if you buy wine. Do you have to buy something additional outside of the beverage package to get the apps?
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