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  1. Although not aesthetically pleasing, it could solve the problem. 😁
  2. Hi and Merry Christmas to all !!!! Its a time of giving but also of giving thanks because we are fortunate enough to be able to cruise !! ❤️
  3. Thanks very much Reedprincess, have a great day !!!
  4. Thanks MS411 !!! Have a great day !
  5. Hi all, are there any beaches that have rentals for water toys, such as seadoos, jetskis etc. ? Thanks for any help with this!
  6. Hi, just wondering if there is a liquor store close to the port to pick up something for the beach , thanks.
  7. Just as important as how much do your trust your children at certain ages is how much do you trust the 3 - 5 thousand passengers and crew that you don't know !
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