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  1. Received the remainder of our refund today ( $630 ). Finally all square with Celebrity!!
  2. Got to love celebrity ! While waiting for the rest of my refund I did receive another set of bag tags today for out April 13 sailing on the reflection!
  3. Wow, lol, I'm not disputing your point of view but I would like to know where you do your banking !!! "Several hundred dollars in interest lost on $1,532. " That would be a great place to bank !!
  4. Celebrity Reflection scheduled to sail on Apr. 13/2020 Celebrity cancelled on Mar. 25 Submitted a request for full refund Mar. 25 Most received May 14/2020 ( Sill owed $632. )
  5. I think celebrity should take the office staff that process payments and switch them with the refund staff. The former is obviously much better at their jobs than the latter.
  6. We will need a machine that will process 1,000 tests in 15 minutes or less. We will need crews to be quarantined before boarding the ship. We will need a way to isolate and remove an infected pax quickly for any disease. We will need island cooperation for hospitalization. We will need pax to wear masks and social distance when going through the boarding and testing process. This applies to ships and planes. We will need airlines to do the same. We will need less crowded cruise ships. We will need crews to monitor and control more closely removing offending pax. We will need islands to cooperate with cruise lines. I find the two underlined ideas very funny. Your suggesting that the islands who are already poor agree to take rich passengers (and when I say rich, I mean to most islanders a family that has two cars, a house and can afford to cruise once a year are rich people) off of cruise ships so that the other "rich" people can continue to enjoy their cruise in peace and health. Their health system is already not capable of caring for their own people but you want seriously sick people from cruise ships to be accommodated by these islands. What a typical response from some.
  7. All passengers and staff to show up 14 days ahead of cruise, all will live in a warehouse spaced 10 ft. apart. Then on day of cruise all will be tested before getting on ship. No ports, just sail, eat and drink. That's what it would take to get me on a cruise!! ( I'm joking, but as much as I enjoy it I'm not getting on a cruise ship in the foreseeable future.)
  8. "Celebrity Android app not working" Funny, neither is their refund department !!
  9. A drink package ! Trying to get the local liquor store to honor it 😇
  10. I have read a lot of these topics in the last couple of weeks due mostly from staying home and being bored. I find that there are two major reasons for all of the complaints that we are all reading. a) Fear As more time goes by we fear that there is a small possibility that we may get no money back at all, that makes people say things that you normally would not hear from them. The cruise lines were not prepared for this virus, our countries were not prepared for this, the whole world was not prepared, period. So, our place of work, the cruise lines, government, none of this is their fault. b) Lack of information I honestly believe that if Mr. Bayley came out tomorrow and stated that they are trying to get through this the best way possible. That he understands that people are in a hurry to get their money refunded and that while its going to take between 30 - 90 days to process the refunds that he quarantees ALL customers that qualify for a refund will get it during that period. If that was done I think it would satisfy 95% of customers and make this terrible situation bearable. ( The other 5% will still complain, they just can't help it)
  11. Yes, they know now that they will not be sailing on those dates, but they want you to pay in full now so that they can refund the ones from March!!!!
  12. Lol, I think its more like this: - Taking your money from either cruise or CC is 24/7 - Refund dept. is Mon - Fri from 8 - 4
  13. I can’t believe it! Just this week I’ve finished 3 books and its only wednesday. Now I’m tired and I need new crayons !!
  14. If their accounting dept. is as accurate as their website than I'm hoping to get my correct refund by X'Mass. All jokes aside their department is probably halved due to sickness and stress.
  15. I'm fine with waiting my turn for a refund, but depending on this virus and how long it lasts I won't have to worry all summer about my money being in limbo, (or gone forever). Cruising will be changed forever after this in my opinion so at least I can make up my mind on what type of holiday I take in the next year ( if that's even possible),but not just tied to celebrity. Florida and the coast guard has proven in the last couple days that they want you to come and spend in their state but when they are in a bind then its everyone for themselves.
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