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  1. It's been tried and done so much that this is why all adults 21+ in a cabin have to purchase Cheers if one does.
  2. I'm two weeks about of a cruise I booked 18 months in advance. Prices for my cabin type have yet to drop lower than what we paid.
  3. If you have time, I would transition the baby to eat cold or room temperature bottles. I never heated bottles for my kids as babies and it was so handy when out and about or traveling. At home I mixed formula by the pitcher and left it in the fridge for the day and when out, I'd bring the bottles with water in them, and the powdered formula separately and mix as needed. It also made it a bit easier when transitioning them to milk from formula because they were used to the cold drink.
  4. Thank you! I printed them to show my oh so cool 15 year old to gauge his reaction. So far he's done good about going to some stuff in the clubs and if nothing else, he meets some kids to hang with in the evenings.
  5. I'd be interested in seeing the Entourage schedule. Also if anyone has the schedule for the Seals (ages 6-9), I'd be interested in that too. Thanks!
  6. I booked out August 2019 last February. A quad obsturcted OV was $3185 with pick 2 perk, one being guests 3/4 sail free. The 3/4 sail free option has been gone for that sailing for a while now and the price for a porthole is $4847. I don't think it will ever drop enough for us to upgrade!
  7. Thanks. It was only our second cruise and our first with NCL so we didn't realize we could ask that it be put away during the day.
  8. We are going to be on the Gem in August and the crappy layout for a quad balcony is why we stuck with an OV. For a quad, not only does the pull out couch block the balcony door a bit, but then the upper bed drops from the ceiling right in front of the balcony too. I'm not sure if it was our steward last time we sailed NCL, or what, but he did not put away the upper bunk during the day so if that happened to us on the Gem, our room would be a mess and we wouldn't be able to even enjoy the balcony.
  9. We stayed in 6279 on the Pride a few years ago. It was great. It was our first cruise and kind of spoiled us as far as cabins go. LOL .
  10. We stayed in 8738 on the Breakaway a few years ago. Great balcony.
  11. We've not been to many ports yet (only 3 cruises), but least favorite would probably be Progresso, then Cozumel, Port Canaveral, Freeport, Nassau, and GSC as the best. We've been to Nassau 2x and had a blast both times, once at Melia and another at Blue Lagoon. Our first time was at the end of the summer in 2014 and the water temperature was perfect, the beaches beautiful, and the blue water, unlike anything we'd ever seen before. We stopped at the McDonalds in town there as school was getting out and it was packed with kids all in their school uniforms and wew ended up in the middle of some 4 pm happy hour thing with a live DJ singing songs with customized McDonald's references and employees throwing handfuls of candy to everyone and people getting up and dancing. And we noticed you could get a little salad instead of fries in the same sort of cardboard french fry container. Maybe it's because it was our first tropical location (aside from Florida which we've been all over many times) it stuck with us, but I would go back anytime.
  12. Our youngest just turned 2 before our first cruise. He lasted about 45 minutes the first sea day before he was crying and we needed to pick him up. Every day after that we'd try to get him to go and the workers from the little kid area would say his name and ask him if he was going to come play with them today when we'd drop off our older son, but no luck. Last year right before he turned 5 he finally started to love to go and wanted to. So, for a 2 year old I say it depends on the kid if they will like it or not, but IME, the workers were very friendly and sweet. We still had a great cruise and just walked all over exploring the ship with him in his stroller.
  13. Last year we stayed in the Westin pre cruise (won it on Hotwire in the category the Hilton is usually in) and it was nice. We walked to the terminal via the mall there. Afterwards, we stayed in the Embassy Suites and really liked it there and it was an easy walk from the terminal as well. We had a 1 bedroom suite and the separate living room was great and they offered breakfast (Westin did not). I also preferred the area ES was in, the garden district. Nearby was the Children's Museum (I think they have moved through).
  14. I was just talking about these today and the reason you don't like them is why I loved them--the onion taste. I normally dislike those (like from McD or any tater tot similar thing) but the NCL ones were sooooo good. I do love onions though.
  15. We booked the Gem during the winter for August 2019. We are paying $3,300 for an OV because we are on the first sailing of the "off season" that adds in 3/4 passenger free.
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