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  1. Thanks for the Noodle recommendation! Just ordered some!
  2. After reading so many threads, I've now lost the thread where it discussed the hidden spots (gems) on Nieuw Amsterdam to lounge outside and inside as well as hidden gems of treats. For example, I remember reading a post about emergency exit doors that are not really emergency exit doors and take you to a quieter outdoor deck area. Or one that stated how to get to the Crows Nest. Also, any other hidden gems like the Tea Time (that too looked fun). Thanks!
  3. Can you share what type of booking you had with your TA? Refundable type of booking? Thanks.
  4. I don’t have any response specifically for this topic but I love your pic and that you favor Bassets. We do too (though we just lost our second one recently, he (Hoss) lived to 18 and we had Maggie (13 1/2).
  5. My booking states: deposit for this cruise is non-refundable and non-transferable I purchased insurance outside of the cruise (always do). Final payment not due until the end of July. HAL states they they don't match the reduction in cost of the cruise (gave us a better location of the cabin, mid ship) and has just offered a very small OBC but not the full $300. They said they don't have to do anything because of the booking we have (again, it's less now than we booked but I guess that's a risk we took...)
  6. I don't know how this applied to ours. We booked in April. The cruise is in October. We booked with a non-refundable deposit ($350) and the price at the time was lower than online with no extras and a non-guarantee room. We haven't paid our final payment yet, not due till next month. But I think it's possibly because of our deposit and locked in price, which has dropped since then. Again, I think we're learning from our mistake here. This is our fourth cruise (second time using this agent) and first time on HAL.
  7. What type of booking was this? I'm trying to wrap my head around the inside or outside of cancellation fees. I feel this is becoming an algebraic equation (if this, then that). Thank you!
  8. Well I'm getting a different story but it could be the type of booking you have. I am "inside of cancellation fees." My agent didn't explain any of this so that means that I was booked at a lower fee, even though the rate went down and it's less that what we paid now (we couldn't get the difference back then) and they can't honor the $300 OBC, even though this morning HAL said they could. They are going to go back and review the call I had this morning with the HAL agent and see if they will honor it based on what the rep said but the pricing specialist explained that they can't based on how we booked our cruise. But the person I spoke with this morning said I could, and I even gave the HAL rep my booking number. I think I have learned a valuable lesson here to not book our cruise with a non-refundable deposit too early from the sailing date. Sigh....this is the first time we're sailing on HAL and the second time using this agent (who is incredibly difficult to get a hold of, ended up contacting a different rep) and I think we'll be looking elsewhere for a TA for the next one.
  9. Did you book this directly originally through HAL or a TA? I'm struggling with HAL and my TA.
  10. Has anyone had success with their TA on this? Mine is hard to get a hold of so I emailed her.
  11. Is decaf coffee available? Also what type of sugar free packets are available?
  12. Our deposit was nonrefundable. And the deposit was more than the credit we were asking for. So the upgrade actually I think technically is more than the credit.
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