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  1. Looking forward to your review. We are sailing MSC for the first time in July. We are also on the Seaside.
  2. Thanks for the info. Well, at least the balcony is larger. I agree the price difference is not justified. This is my first MSC cruise and now I know better. The balcony was booked as a OV guarantee so I guess we did ok
  3. We had an OV guarantee for ourJuly 2019 cruise and we got the cabin assignment to a balcony about 2 moths ago.
  4. Other than the different perks between an Aurea Suite (balcony) cabin and a Fantastica balcony, what are the differences? I have two cabins booked - the Aurea suite is on deck 9 and the Fantastica balcony is on deck 13. The size of the cabins look the same but I was hoping the suite would be a bit larger. Anyone know? We have three people in the suite and 2 in the balcony so I was really hoping for a bit more space in the suite. We will be on the Seaside.
  5. I opened the thread just to see what the responses would be. Quite funny.
  6. Thank you. I was able to find what I needed!
  7. When I do a search for, let's say, dinner menus on MSC, and I am already in the MSC board, my search comes up with everything under the sun - from Carnival menus to NCL menus, etc whe nall I want to see are MSC menus. When someone is in particular board and does a search, , can you limit it somehow to just search the board you are in?
  8. If anyone knows how to link bookings, please advise. I am interested too. The section in the web check in does not do it. The "link booking" does not do it. One MSC rep said it would happen automatically after web check in was complete, Another said it was not possible. We are a family with two cabins. I had to create a second email address and password to get to the second booking.
  9. Thanks, Tapi. Good advice. Our flight now leaves Miami at 1:45 so we should be fine. And, since my husabnd says I worry to much about evreything, this is probably the best course of action.
  10. Well, we really would prefer the earlier flight so the question was really if it was do-able. But I went ahead and changed to a later flight.
  11. We just got an email from the airlines that our retrun flight from Miami has been changed from 1pm to 10:30am. What are the chances we can get off the ship and make it to the airport in time? Thanks.
  12. SHOES VS SANDALS - THE ANSWER He was allowed into the dining room with sandals, even on the Gala nights, And, he was not the only one wearing sandals.
  13. My husband wants to know - can he wear sandals instead of shoes in the main dining room? If yes, does it also apply to gala night? We leave tomorrow; Caribbean cruise. He just asked as I was packing his shoes.
  14. Thank you. I was afraid that would be the case.
  15. There are 5 of us the cruise. We have two cabins, one is Aurea and the other Fantastico. We all want to dine together. Aurra has anytime diniing; Fantastico has set dining. How can we make this work other than we all go at the Fantastico set time? First time on MSC so not really sure how this will work.
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