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  1. What would be funny is to secretly follow the person a pick each one up and put them all in a row outside their stateroom.
  2. I also was contacted with follow up questions to a survey.
  3. Service is back on schedule on Symphony. The bartender said the had a Martini Guy a few cruises ago and the bars couldn't keep up.
  4. I saw a picture of dogs playing poker. Maybe looking back it was from a casino. 🙂
  5. Recently on Adventure I was waiting to ask the Concierge a question and the lady in front in a Grand Suite asked the concierge if their other family members in a balcony could join them in the evenings. The Concierge said yes. His reason was due to there being only about 10 or so people in the lounge at any given time. YMMV
  6. If two per day is too many, don't buy the package! The packages work for some, but not others.
  7. That's what Adventure did recently. The bartender checked your card a gave you a complimentary drink.
  8. Just got off Adventure and every night the big overflow area outside the Diamond Lounge door was open (forget the new name?). Sure it was crowded in the Diamond lounge, but plenty of seats in the overflow area, plus two bartenders also available.
  9. We're 11 days out and no response. It's probably hit and miss, unfortunately.
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