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  1. Good golly Miss Mollie....look how my little IP took on a life of its own....585 posts over 30 pages! Interesting discussions and comments. Maybe we can take this in a different direction on this thread or perhaps a fellow diamond with more time on their hands would start a separate thread: "Grade Your DL Experience" 1. Cruise date/ship 2. Est. number of D,D+. 3. DL experience (seating capacity, bar service, food). 4. Overflow lounge/area available? 5.Overall grade: A, B, C, D, or F. Why wouldn't corporate suites not be interested in this? Carry on...
  2. We were on Serenade 1/5. The separate dessert menu is now a smaller list actually stapled to the main menu.....so everything was ordered at one time. We did order multiple apps and they came out fine. Re: Diamond drinks in MDR....after a couple of hiccups the first day (I gave the waiter my diamond card but two drinks were charged which I later had removed) no problems with ordering wine with diamond card.
  3. Don't get me started on the appetizers.....I have never seen so many "mystery meal balls" on one cruise.
  4. Who knows what the truth was. And yes, I let them have it on the survey. Probably won't get any response tho. I do have to say, the waiters and waitresses (as few as there were) worked their butts off and certainly earned what tips they got.
  5. Just back from 10 day Serenade cruise. With over 350 D&D+, total available seating in DL was 34. Long waits for drinks each night as well as almost zero seating. We all asked why the door connecting the Vortex lounge with DL was not opened to create a normal overflow area (this was done each night on this same ship back in 2015 NE cruise). The diamond concierge said it was "corporate decision to keep this door shut". I have never experienced such an overcrowded DL in all the cruises we have taken as diamonds. Most others we talked to agreed. Needless to say, there were a lot of pissed off guests each night. Most of them got so frustrated they left and used their sea pass drinks elsewhere. Now I don't have a problem with the 3 free sea pass drinks.....however, as diamonds, the DL experience is important for meeting old friends and socializing in your own private lounge. This is what loyal customers pay their money on and expect a consistent corp. policy (providing adequate overflow areas with proper personnel). Please, chime in diamond members if you have had similar recent DL issues. I would hate to think corporate is modifying their DL policy to put profit over loyalty.
  6. Reading with interest.....we will be on the 11/3 14 day Reflection cruise after arriving back to Ft. L.
  7. Mitsu....I see you still love snorkeling as we do. We will be back to West Bay next month aboard Reflection. This will be our 6th trip to Roatan, but it has been about 5 years since our last, so it will be interesting to see how this beautiful reef has done with the huge increases in cruise ships arriving there. Loved your map (with the "Kidney" as the start/end point) and will try to follow as best I can (I'll try to hold off on consumption of MonkeyLalas;p until after).
  8. I was talking to my TA and she said the cruise lines will probably give those affected a year to decide, seeing how some of us will have much more on our plate (flooding, wind damage, relocation issues). Not good PR if they only give you 30 days. While we were anticipating a great 7 day cruise celebrating our 45th anniversary and my baby daughter's 40 birthday, if Fla. can come out of this ok, a 4 day cruise with the credits, sounds good to me.
  9. Just received this newest itinerary modification: Cruise will begin Port Canaveral Wednesday, 9/13 cruising to Cozumel, four days. 50% refundable OBC and 50% credit on future cruise. I personally thought this would be cancelled but with shift of Irma west will give RCI a bigger window of opportunity to savage this cruise.
  10. same here....not sure what is going on. Perhaps our early November Roatan cruise is too early for them to respond. I'll keep trying. If you go on their web site there is a US telephone number to call. I'll eventually get ahold of someone. Their cruise package is very reasonable and they have been very reliable in the past.
  11. I just booked the 9/18 Brilliance TA. I priced it prior to 7/1 and booking it NRD now and saved a little over $600 between cruise price (small reduction) and increases to OBC and amenities (prepaid gratuities/OBC) thrown in by my online travel agent. Now I don't know if the travel agent threw in the extras specifically because of the 7/1 RCI policy change, but I will take the savings and just hope for good health between now and 9/18.(yn)
  12. :cocktail::cocktail: ReneeR323.....without getting into specifics, I'm curious to know if you thought solo cruise prices were that bad. I've read about really outrageous single rates. Enjoy the really long Diamond Happy Hours. :cocktail:
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