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  1. Surprise, surprise!!! In the mail today, we received $200 for 2 of the 4 FCDs we used for the cancelled cruises. Princess is using some processing company out of Maine. So, hopefully, we will get a check in the next couple of days for the 2 remaining FCDs.
  2. We are in a similar situation. Today have received refunds to our credit card for two cruises that Princess canceled in March. Not sure if this is because of our credit card dispute or whether Princess did this. However, we are each short $100 for each cruise totalling $400. There are no postings in our accounts about our $400 in FCDs. The FCDs that we used for each of these bookings have not been credited back to our accounts and of course are no longer showing in the accounts.
  3. I read on Cruise Industry News this morning that NCL will be installing Medical Grade H-13 HEPA air filters on their ships. I hope Princess Cruises follows suit to prevent most virus from being passed between staterooms and the hallways. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23033-norwegian-cruise-line-releases-new-health-protocols.html
  4. We had two FCCs posted in our Princess accounts yesterday for the 15 Mar and 30 Mar cruises that Princess canceled. However, they are still holding our funds we paid for each of the 15 day cruises. Nothing has been returned to our Princess VISA card yet!
  5. We had two FCCs posted in our Princess accounts yesterday for the 15 Mar and 30 Mar cruises that Princess canceled. However, they are still holding our funds we paid for each of the 15 day cruises.
  6. If you didn't hear about Princess announcing their layoffs, here is the article from March 15th https://signalscv.com/2020/05/princess-cruises-announces-layoffs-furloughs-for-50-of-california-workforce-due-to-covid-19/
  7. I called Princess yesterday to inquire about our multiple refunds for cancelled cruises and reimbursement of expenses that we submitted. The reimbursement of expenses was to get us home from Fort Lauderdale when they terminated all cruises, as per the letter Princess delivered to our stateroom prior to disembarkation. The Princess representative took the two booking numbers and looked them up. She informed me that no processing for my cancelled cruises or other reimbursements had begun. I advised her that I had submitted them on 18 March 2020. She advised me that they were paying these claims as soon as possible. I then asked her how long will it be before I see a refund and there was silence on the other end of the telephone. She said they are working on them now. I then asked her if she personally knew of anyone who had actually been reimbursed and she said, NO.
  8. If this is in fact true, I suspect that the company will fold and we won't see any funds reimbursed. If I'm wrong in my assumption, it would be nice for the highly paid executives at Princess to make their intentions known.
  9. Carnival announces layoffs.
  10. Really sad. I just watched the Webinar from May 7th by the Princess, SVP of Sales. He didn't give any definitive time period that they will be taking in processing refunds for cruises. Rather open ended. Also, no firm position on the proposed over 70 doctor's letter until all of the CLIA agrees on what to do.
  11. I agree totally. Too much money being held by a multitude of companies right now.
  12. Yesterday, filed a multiple disputes with the Princess Barclay's VISA credit card company for the two cruises Princess cancelled that we had already paid in full. Figured that waiting almost 2 months for them to refund our money was more than reasonable on our part and we are in no position to continue to bankroll a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & pcl--a multibillion dollar corporation.
  13. Very smart move. We had not choice. Princess cancelled our B2B while on board.
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