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  1. First, Capt Kate is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable Captain. I have only sailed with her once and was hoping to sail with her on the Edge this Nov, but it's not going to happen. The atmosphere on Capt Kate's ship is different than on other Celebrity ships (over 20 Celebrity cruises) She is everywhere. The employees seem happier, and they are more efficient. Things just seem to work - and work well. You will enjoy your cruise. George
  2. For the most part (except for Capt Kate) I don't care about the ship's officers; however, over the years we have come to like certain servers and bartenders. If they are on our ship, we bring them little gifts. George
  3. It's been a while since I've seen one of your posts. You've added a pic. Are there olives in the glass? George
  4. Got off the Equinox 08/31. Captain Dimitrios had been on Board for 2 weeks. I assume he has 10 or so weeks to go. Unsure of the tenure of the others. George EQ Staff.pdf
  5. A bit premature, but on the 08/24 Equinox I sure would like to know who is the Luminae matre 'd, Michaels concierges and bartender. There are some who I've enjoyed over the years, and I'd like to bring them some presents. Thanks George
  6. We're on the Equinox 08/24. You? George
  7. So I counted sea days (I'm retired with time on my hands) and came up with 248. I guess I'm not a "rookie"; probably fall into the "experienced" category; probably not a "veteran". I just plain enjoy being on a ship. In August, we're on the Equinox for a 7 day Caribbean to places we've seen many times. Will barely get off the ship, but I had to cruise on a "revolutionized" ship. George
  8. Everything is relative. Met a couple a few weeks ago that had been on 170 Celebrity cruises. George
  9. I'm jealous. First of all, we're Celebrity loyalists, but relative rookies at only 25 cruises. Been on all the ships except for those in Galapagos and certainly no youngsters at 77 and 75. We booked the Edge the week bookings were opened hoping to be among the first few thousand to cruise the ship and see the imperfections. As it turned out, it was finished ahead of schedule, so in Feb., we were among the first 30,000, which is kind of special, I think. When we booked the first trip, we also booked the W/B TA in Nov., knowing that we could cancel. After our cruise, there was no way we're going to cancel. We're excited! There are some things we don't like, and lots of things we do. With 3,000 passengers, there could be 3,000 opinions. It's pricey, to be sure, and I'm not sure if they're attracting the clientele they wanted. But, it seems to be working for them, especially since they've ordered two more Edge class ships. C-Dragons: early in the cruise find the little restaurant in the back of Eden, order a Reuben paninni , and get a large chocolate chip cookie. You can thank me for the advice after the cruise. George
  10. First time on this Board. Hello to my friend Linda: While on the Edge with our friend Carolyn, we used similar words to "form over function.." We used "theory and practice". What sounds good in theory may not work in practice for many of the issues described here. No shower curtains resulting in water on the floor, e.g. After a few mentions of "this is a safety issue", that was fixed, as well as some other things. Hopefully, Celebrity is listening as we are on a WB TA in Nov. Happy Easter, Linda, and all George
  11. Casino Host made an adjustment. Looks like it's going to work out. George
  12. Thanks. Looks like I'm going to have a major conflict. George
  13. Thanks. Do you remember the time? I'm coordinating a slot pull on the first sea day, and I'm trying to make sure that there's no conflict between the two events. George
  14. Several comments and questions: Disappointed that Katya won't be there. Really liked her. On a cruise this Fall, we were told that Charles would be opening Luminae on the Edge. Also disappointing that he won't be there - but that's life on a cruise ship. Were you on the Western Caribbean. If so, what was the day and time of the Meet and Greet? George
  15. A recurring rumor has her moving to the EDGE in the Fall George
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