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  1. LOL.... I guess I get 2 days worth of mimosas. I wouldn't want to waste good champagne!! 🤣
  2. did not think about taking champagne instead of wine. I knew I liked CC. such helpful info.
  3. We have purchased the refreshment package, everything except alcohol. That is fine for us. If I want to add jack to my coke or champagne to my orange juice, now and then, how much will I be charged? I saw this listed somewhere but at the time I wasn't concerned about it and now I can't find it. Thanks for any information. 122 more days can't come soon enough!!!
  4. Thanks, I have googled them both and think that Allen Marine is the winner!! This trip says the same as what RC says. 149 more days
  5. I know RC Ovation is not in Alaska yet. But does anyone know the company that RC uses for their excursions? I have seen several companies listed lately and wanted to google them and see other reviews. Marvin Jaleen I can't think of the others right now, but just curious. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I did it, it's done and saved us $60 Wahoo!!
  7. We are going on Ovation in September. I have an excursion already booked using OBC. Now I see the same excursion is cheaper by about $30 per person. I have cancelled and rebooked before but never with OBC. How long does it take to get that back into my acct so I can rebook the excursion using the OBC? I don't want the sale to be over by the time I get the OBC back. Thanks
  8. I can't wait to tell my hubby...... He does like to wear his tiara but didn't think it would be allowed. It sparkles more than mine!! 😂😎😂
  9. Thanks, I figured I still had a ways to go but it sounds like possibly December (in a few years) is the month to start checking. Thanks so much,😁
  10. We have decided that we will take a cruise in 2023. But take the whole family. When are the sail dates released so I can keep an eye out?
  11. "so they will be in the room when we arrive " I did this, and it was early in the booking that I forgot until I got to the cabin and there it was. I also got one of the decoration packages. Surprised hubby, as we were walking down the hall to our cabin and saw other decorations on the doors, hubby said "oh, we should have done that!" Surprise!! I did and he was excited!
  12. Is it cheaper to prepurchase the drink package and/or Voom thru the cruise planner? Are there discounts to wait and purchase on the ship on the first or 2nd day of the cruise? Does it matter by ship? Going on Ovation. Thanks,
  13. I've been tracking them closely this trip May I ask how you are tracking them? I would like to track the ship before we go to see what time the ship is estimated to go by lighthouses and islands.
  14. We like the trivia. Some answers we know, others we don't and you might learn something. It sucks when people with internet cheat but what can you do. Or just sit and people watch.
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