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  1. Thank you. That is exactly what I needed to know. As I said, I was there at the end of December. I walked around the island and saw the "vendor shops" (small buildings) but did not get a chance to stop at them. I will make sure I have cash.
  2. I was recently on a Navigator of the Seas cruise. Going on an Anthem cruise very soon. On Coco Cay - there were shopping "cabins". I did not get to go see them. Do they require cash or are they connected to the ship where you can use your SeaPass card? Thank you.
  3. Great review so far - going to be on the ship in 5 weeks. Can't wait. By the way - CCSU - great school. I'm an alumni.
  4. I have no idea what I was thinking - but when I booked my cruise, I chose the 8:00 dining time (going on the Anthem). I prefer My Time Dining as I NEVER know when I am going to want to eat each night. I called to see if I could change it and was told that My Time Dining was closed. Totally understand that - and it was my mistake in the first place. Just curious though - when I get onboard - will I have the ability of switching it then? Thanks.
  5. Going to be on the Anthem when Fat Tuesday hits (February 25). Does the Anthem do anything special for it? Thanks.
  6. I apologize if this has been asked. I know that the JR milkshakes are included with the Ultimate Beverage Package. However, what about the Refreshment Package? I am thinking about my daughter as that is what I got her. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for the review. I will see you on the December trip - first time on the Navigator for me. I will have my 12 year old daughter with me.
  8. Thank you. I have the UDP for the Navigator at the end of December - I am assuming it will be very similar.
  9. Two very quick questions... I know that the Junior Suite is not considered a "full" suite but: 1. Is it charged the higher suite amount for the daily gratuities? 2. Can you order room service without the fee? Thank you.
  10. Currently in a Junior Suite on the Navigator of the Seas - 3 of us (2 adults - 1 child (12)). Just did the Royal Up for a possible Grand Suite or Owner's Suite upgrade. I know that you are only charged for the first 2 occupants of the room. I am already getting the double points due to the Junior Suite. However, does the 3rd person get the other suite perks even though only 2 were paid for (does that make sense)? Thanks.
  11. Thank you. Think I will stick with the Junior Suite (which is a MUST with a 12 year old daughter)... LOL
  12. Thank you for the Compasses. Just booked the same 3 day cruise for December. I realize that some things can change - but at least it gives me some idea of what to expect. You probably won't know this (as I don't think you have a 12 year old) - but are there alot of activities for that 12-14 age group? Hoping to keep my daughter busy.
  13. Okay - booked a short 3 day cruise for the Navigator leaving 2 days after XMas. It is a present for the spouse and kid (they have no clue on it). I currently have a Junior Suite booked (primarily for the extra space) - I got a decent price. Also booked the Key in order to get a few of those perks (again - decent price). I was in a Suite on the Allure back in January and LOVED the perks. However, the Navigator does not seem to have the same amenities. Would it be worth upgrading to a full suite or am I better off with the Junior Suite and the Key? Thanks in Advance.
  14. I'm doing the same thing - although we are leaving the day after Christmas for our trip. Figured I would wrap a bunch of pictures (like CoCo Cay Water Slides and a pic of the room we are staying in), a bathing suite and then finally the check-in packet. Hoping it works.
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