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  1. I was on a cruise in end of February 2020 out of Bayonne. The weather was chilly on Sunday (day of leaving) and part way through Monday. However, the Anthem has many indoor activities to keep you busy. It was chilly the last day and a half on the way back (although part of that was nighttime) but again - lots to do indoors. The solarium is WONDERFUL. Actually have another cruise booked for this coming February. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is not cancelled.
  2. Sorry - I misspoke. I didn't really mean an Amplification. However, I thought I had read that the Anthem was going to get some upgrades - like Playmakers - during drydock.
  3. The question also is "Will Anthem be Amped up by then?"
  4. Question - just did a shift to a sailing for next year (same boat - approximately same date, etc). Did the switch but received an email with an invoice stating the new price for that cruise (and showing that I now have a balance). The rep that I spoke with said that the price protection would take 48-72 hours to appear. Should I be worried?
  5. Thank you for the advice on this. Read the barcode - and it now states a room. It is a Junior Suite - and I will take that. Maybe we get an upgrade from there - but if not - I am still very happy with the room and location. 😃
  6. The only question I have is - do you put the same conditions for the Flu? Many people do NOT get the flu shot every year and yet they still cruise. Do you now make the flu shot a requirement? I am all about safety - don't get me wrong on that. But where do you draw the line?
  7. Got the reader to read the barcode - pretty nifty. Anyways - it has not designated a room yet. The reason I know this is because the last 4 digits are an interior room - which I know is not right. I called them on it (not letting them know that I read the barcode) and verified that I have a suite guarantee room. She said that rooms have not been assigned yet as it is still too far out (over two months).
  8. Not yet - I still need to figure that part out. The app I was trying to use was not reading it. I don't see any numbers yet either - so that may be the reason why.
  9. Where do you see the WS GTY (or J4-GTY)? All I see on my invoice and currently on my sea pass is GTY. However, I know I booked a suite GTY.
  10. Shoot. She is not going to be happy about that. Since she will only be 4 months from 13 - would they allow her in the teen area?
  11. I was on the Navigator at the end of December with my 12 year old. She participated in the Teen Club activities - did not have to be signed into the Adventure Club (6 to 11 year olds). I'm confused with the Oasis though. All the videos I have watched put the 12 year olds in with the Adventure Club group (the Hangout). However, other written items have the 12-14 year olds mixed in with the teens. We are sailing (hopefully) this July on the Oasis. My daughter will be 13 in November is not going to want to be in with 6 year olds. What is the true story? Th
  12. Agreed. I had a Junior Suite on the Navigator and loved it. The Navigator unfortunately did not have the Coastal Kitchen - so I am looking forward to that on the Oasis.
  13. When do you usually find out what room you have? Like I said - I have never booked a GTY before so I have no idea.
  14. For the first time - I booked a GTY Suite on the Oasis of the Seas. It was only $58 more than booking an Oceanview Large Balcony - so I couldn't resist. That being said - I know the minimum room would be the Junior Suite. I know that I don't get all the perks of the full suites but again, for $58 - I am satisfied with that. However, what are the chances of getting an actual full suite (Grand Suite for example)? Thanks.
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