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  1. does deck 14 have those under bars from being up towards the top outside the balcony?
  2. Are there decks that are more preferable then others for a Ocean Balcony room from decks 6-14? We are looking at either front or back of the ship. Would like your thoughts!
  3. So ClareA, If I see A B C D B and C is connecting A would have bed by balcony B would have bed by bathroom C would have bed by balcony D would have bed by bathroom?
  4. It’s in the Caribbean. Not sure which one because we debating between 2 cruises right now
  5. It’s miami to Miami, and wanted to have an extended stay on the second to last day at the port it’s going to
  6. I wanted to book a room where the bed was by the bathroom oppose to the balcony door. Does anyone have any insight on this for Symphony of the Seas?
  7. Just wondering if royal Caribbean allows guests to extend their stay at a port? If so, what is the process of this. its a 7 night cruise and on second to last day we’d like to extend our stay at the island and stay at a resort for a few days then fly directly home.
  8. Guess that’s a subjective word hahah, so if I see a room I want off Uk website I can call and it would be available?
  9. Thanks guys for all the responses. I’ll be sure to keep checking the site. We originally, was going to do the May 5th one which was $100 cheaper a person but we’d get back on Mother’s day and didn’t want to do that. So, went with this date. I also agree that Western Caribbean is about a $100 cheap a person as well, but we all know Eastern is better =P. Also I went on the UK website and saw so many more Rooms available. Is there a reason for this?
  10. May 2019 Allure - Eastern Ocean Balcony, 11th deck $2,150 for 2, $100 OBC Thoughts on price and if you think I can get better as it gets closer?
  11. I'm on deck 11 in a balcony room. Allure of the seas Is there some pattern, or a picture that someone drew out to figure this out?
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