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  1. Medicare is insurance that I paid into my whole career for my retirement. Perhaps you’re thinking of Medicaid? That’s the insurance for the poor. And income levels need to be very low to receive Medicaid. My problem was with Obamacare. I shelled out big bucks for a crappy policy so that it paid for someone with low income to get a Cadillac policy. I’m sorry if that’s offensive to you, but I’m still bitter about it. I earned my Medicare. There is a difference. And I’m sure you figured out my feelings about Medicare for all. I do not support socialized medicine, and that’s what it would be. Somebody has to pay for it.
  2. They may just do that to get this under control, but if insured, it would be covered. And nobody should have an excuse not to have health insurance, because the low income get a Cadillac policy on the backs of hard working Americans that pay through the nose. I know, as it happened to me. I’m very bitter about the whole Obamacare. So I’m definitely against socialized medicine.
  3. Personally, that’s how I feel, but someone on here on another thread (I think) got defensive saying there are people that will save for a cruise vacation that won’t pay for health insurance, when we were discussing that health insurance is indeed available to everyone, as low income can get it with either a low or no cost. But there are people that choose to pay for vacations and not health insurance. So, there are people out there that won’t pay for a vaccine either. Some people have screwed up priorities. I love cruising and can honestly say I’m an addict, but having health insurance takes precedence.
  4. Definitely. I use Zoono hand sanitizer, which is a 24 hour foam sanitizer that is not alcohol based, and is the only OTC hand sanitizer effective in killing Norovirus. I also use the alcohol based sanitizer frequently, any time I touch anything on a cruise ship. I’ve done this long before COVID.
  5. As long as COVID does not mutate again (it mutated once it came to USA, is what I heard, but has not since spreading across the country), I have every hope it will indeed work the same as a small pox, polio, and other long lasting immunizations.
  6. I, too, am a nurse (retired), and had to have my TB test done annually, and I’ve had my Hep B, And tetanus booster done. As for MMR, I’ve never had to have one, as I fall into that age group that is that old, and I guess due to herd immunity, we do not need it. I receive the Extra strength flu shot annually, for seniors over age 65, have had my pneumovax and Prevnair13 for pneumonia, along my shingles vaccine. I’m definitely not afraid of another needle and will gladly get a vaccine for COVID, and have no problem showing proof of immunization to board a ship.
  7. Please see my comment on page one. Having no insurance is a choice. If they are low income, it’s given to them while we pay for it. And if they are that low income, they can’t afford to cruise either. If they choose cruising over purchasing health insurance, well, they are just idiots.
  8. But the issue is TOUCHING the tongs. That is why the staff started serving at the buffet. But they did not do that at toppings area, and think that will also change. Who knows. We just have to wait and see. I’m glad I’m not on the first to sail, and I have several cruises going ahead of mine to see how it works out. By the time I cruise in January, I should feel confident (or not at all).
  9. This is not my first cruise, that was in 1995 on the Regent Sun, but this is the earliest pic I have handy to show. It is in 2007 on the Triumph, and that was our 6th cruise. The pic was of my hubby on the steps leading up to the Topless Deck. Anyone else remember that Carnival use to have a Topless Deck? Our second cruise was the Ecstasy in 2000, then the Destiny in 2001, the Spirit in 2002, the Victory in 2004, then the Triumph in 2007. We took several years off, paying for colleges and weddings of 5 children, then in 2014 sailed the RCCL Independence of the Seas, and Oasis in 2015, the NCL Getaway in 2017 & 2018, Carnival Breeze in 2019, and Glory just this past February 2020. We currently have a 14 Day Journey cruise on the Freedom for January 2021 and a B2B on the Mardi Gras for January 2022 booked. Hoping COVID doesn’t destroy our cruise addiction.
  10. I don’t believe they will require it, but I absolutely have no problem with obtaining it to board. And even if not required, I will get it and still bring proof of it, just in case I get sick, so they do not assume I have COVID. And don’t get me going about anti vaxxers! As a retired RN, I cannot tolerate those that refuse any vaccinations, other than those that cannot have one for a medical reason. Too many bogus excuses have caused a flare up of diseases we had eradicated.
  11. I don’t get this question about Americans that don’t have health insurance. If you are low income, there is Medicaid. Not sure if Obamacare will still be around in the future, but in its current form, it is based on your income. When I retired at age 62, I had to purchase a policy on the Marketplace (Obamacare). Because my hubby and I worked our whole life, I was charged an unbelievable high rate, so that it paid for those whose income was lower and they recieved lower rates. So, I had a high rate for a crappy policy with a high deductible that had to be met before I could have the privilege of paying just a co pay, while someone with low income got a fabulous policy, with no deductible, at a low to no rate. So, if someone doesn’t have insurance, it’s because they CHOSE not to purchase it. So, if they don’t get an immunization due to no insurance, I have no sympathy there. I was screwed by Obamacare and are very bitter about it. I know I will get the immunization and will show proof if need be. Anything to make cruising safe again. But immunizations may not be available for a long time. They are still in the testing phase.
  12. That would be awesome. We generally eat every breakfast in MDR to avoid the buffet, and this would be a nice addition.
  13. This doesn’t hold true on the larger ships, as the muster drill is NOT held in the location you are to be, but either in the theater or MDR. On my last cruise in February, on the Glory, an older smaller ship, it was done on the deck. I have not had a muster on the deck before that since 2014.
  14. When my refunds landed to my credit card, they all were noted as Fun Shop, Excursions, Tkt (ticket?)
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