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  1. Sounds good to me! But As for the room steward service, I just say from the get-go that I want twice a day service. I’ve never had any problem with receiving it. I also miss our past cruisers parties and the a Captain Reception with free hor d’oeuvres and cocktails. Not sure when they disappeared as we took a Carnival cruise in 2007 (it was number 5) and had the parties, then we took time off trying other lines, sailing RCCL and NCL. When we returned to Carnival last year, they were no longer happening. 😢 But we did find that Carnival was way more fun than those other two lines, and proceeded to book three more. I just returned from the Glory, and heading out on a B2B soon on the Magic.
  2. I’d have to agree. FTTF is a money maker for them. They aren’t about to get rid of that. But that’s just my opinion, not based on any factual information I’ve gotten.
  3. My daughter, who lived in Alden during Snovember, had 7 ft of snow! They dug a tunnel/path to their hot tub, and enjoyed a few peaceful days until the National Guard plowed their road. We, in a small community near Buffalo, had 5 ft.
  4. Brace yourself—-all Buffalo schools have been closed already in the anticipation of the Blizzard starting tonight. 😬
  5. We loved the Breeze when we sailed her last year. I wouldn’t mind a cruise on the Breeze again. We had a great time. Sailing her sister ship April 5 & 11.
  6. You know, there is actually a Sailabration of sorts now listed for some cruises. They are called Fun Ship Meet Ups, where several Carnival ships meet up in the Caribbean for some sort of celebration. Not sure if it’s just for the Mardi Gras ship, but I thought it looked unique.
  7. Following along! I, too, just returned from a cruise (February 2-9 on the Glory. Check out my review on here), and know the joy of leaving our cold Buffalo weather. But for my vacation, we flew out of Rochester to New Orleans, as it was much cheaper than out of Buffalo. Can’t wait to read more of your review. Keep warm. Another storm is on the way. Hoping for good driving weather, as we leave on next vacation 3/29, driving to Ft Lauderdale and sailing a B2B on the Magic.
  8. You should have no problems with boarding on time, and your cabin will be available by 1:30. I just carry EVERYTHING I might need that first day in my carry on, then I don’t worry about my luggage.
  9. To me, getting my cabin upon boarding is well worth it. And avoiding any kind of lines to keep my hubby in a good mood, makes it priceless.
  10. I apologize for my previous statement about playing my music even louder. That WAS rude of me. And especially since I don’t even play music onboard. I guess I just got my dander up over some comments that sounded somewhat elitist, because I still feel it’s wrong to ban people from certain areas. I don’t feel bad that I can only afford an inside cabin. That was a choice I made to be able to cruise in retirement. But saying I can no longer go near the Havana area just irked me. So sorry for my rudeness. My comments about music were not like me, as someone pointed out to me, and made me come to my senses. I will be heading out on a B2B in April to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, and I, too, would be upset if someone was playing loud music next to me when I wanted peace and quiet. And thank you coevan for setting me straight.
  11. Sorry, it’s not that I ever even play music onboard. I was just taken back by someone saying their cruise experience is more important than mine. That was the point I was making. These comments have sounded pretty elitist, and that just got my dander up. Sorry. And lord help me if someone starts playing rap music next to me. 🤣🤣
  12. I guess if this elitist attitude is common for Havana guests, then I guess I’m glad I’m only a mere inside cabin (not in Havana) guest. I love to hear laughter, music, and people having fun. If I dared to play music and was told to stop because it didn’t fit some other persons idea of what a vacation should be, I might just play it louder. And I’m not an unruly youth. My hubby and I are senior citizens. As I mentioned several posts ago, I was totally against any area being off limits to guests that didn’t pay for the privilege of being there. That does not include guests that can afford balconies, suites, or even just OV. It means saying I can’t enter an area of the ship. It kind of heralds back to the days of “steerage” not being allowed up on deck. It was really evident on NCL with their Vibe area, which was no different than Carnival’s Serenity deck or Royal’s Solarium. NCL charges big bucks for the same privilege you get free on Carnival and Royal. What was even crazier was that people actually paid it.
  13. Actually, solo cruising interests me, as well, but as someone who has been married for 50 years, this would not fly with my hubby. But to do whatever I wanted, rather than always doing with whatever he chooses, is very appealing. Oh, well. I can live vicariously through all you younger girls/guys solo reviews. I will be leaving soon on a B2B to celebrate that 50th Anniversary.
  14. I will let you know, but I suspect that since Im not vacating the room, and the room steward will know this, I won’t have to empty it out. But I will find out for sure and mention it in my review.
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