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  1. 😋 Wow! Where on the ship did you find these salad bowls? Those look like something I’d grab! Yum!
  2. I love those T-shirts! I hope they offer them on my next cruise in February, on the Glory!
  3. I will be doing a B2B for the first time in April, on the Magic, for our 50th Anniversary, so I can’t wait to follow along to see how smoothly it goes for you.
  4. Actually, ALL the doors on the NCL Getaway had these “buttons” on their doors to get outside, so I was surprised on my Carnival Cruise last March that they did not have them. I would suspect they are there to save on AC. Why have a door open when you walk by it if you aren’t going out it? I’m sure if they start installing these on all Carnival ships, we would get used to them easily. No big deal. Hardly anything to get upset about.
  5. We had a complete opposite experience with Sea Day Brunch. We had excellent service twice on that cruise (the Breeze in March) and the food was always correct and hot. I’m actually looking forward to going again on our next cruise in February. But I should note that we rarely eat in the buffet ever. We prefer the MDR. I wish they offered lunch service in MDR as well.
  6. As a retired RN, I can tell you we never refrigerated our insulin in the facility I worked. No worries if the frig isn’t as cold as yours back home. But to get a colder refrigerator on ship, we put a small insulated bag filled with ice in the frig and it worked beautifully keeping it cold.
  7. Actually, the process is working great. And if you arrive too early, you will have to wait in the early/late line. 2 ways to avoid this. First, buy FTTF. You get Priority check in and boarding and cabin ready upon boarding ship. Second (too late for you) is to choose the earliest check in time when your 90 day check in date has arrived, and that means at 12 midnight EST. Example: my date to complete my online check in for my February cruise is 11/4, so I could stay up late on 11/3 and do it at midnight to ensure I get an early time. But I don’t need to, as I bought FTTF. Our last cruise was on the Breeze in March, and embarkation was the best we’ve ever experienced with the new system. There is no desk to checkin at. They scan your boarding pass and passport as you enter building, and proceed to your boarding zone that they tell you to go to. Key cards are outside your cabin door in mailbox. Do not fret about it if you can’t get FTTF. You will still have a great time!
  8. Wow! How do we get to go to Sea Day Brunch? I was hoping it was offered in afternoon.
  9. We found that getting to the Comedy Shows at least a half hour early works, but it is pretty crowded even by then. We try to catch all the comedy shows. We weren’t that thrilled with the playlist shows. After cruising both RCCL and NCL and viewing their Broadway caliber shows, these are just, laughable. But don’t get me wrong, we prefer Carnival cruises. Way more fun, and the various other entertainment makes it all worth while. We will be cruising with family on our next cruise in February on the Glory, so I suspect we will be watching playlist shows with them. Just not very good, in my personal opinion.
  10. I did that, and received a statement credit of $1200.
  11. No. It is a regular credit card. I use it to pay for EVERYTHING, but I never maintain a balance. I have no idea what the interest rate is as I’ve never kept a balance. It’s a very useful card, as I use it to apply bar credits to my cruises, but I’ve also used redeemed points towards a $1200 statement credit for last cruise I took.
  12. As someone who uses her Carnival Mastercard religiously for EVERYTHING to earn reward points faster, I can honestly tell you that ANY Carnival purchase, cruise booking included, gets you 2X points. And if you use it to book any Carnival excursions, you not only earn those 2X points, but get a 10% off credit on that excursion on your statement. Also, if you go into your online account for Barclay bank, you can do a “Reward Boost”. It gives you a list of all the participating stores and the rewards earned. But you have to click on the store in the list and do your shopping right from that site to get those rewards. I earned 10X points for a luggage set from ebags, and 4X from Harry and David gift baskets last Christmas. For my last cruise I redeem enough reward points after booking total price of cruise on the card for a $1200 statement credit. Then, for every 5,000 points I earned, I redeem for $50 bar credits. I had $350 bar credits for my last cruise, and left ship with only a total bill of $43. I have 3 cruises booked for 2020, so I’ve been applying all my reward points diligently to have smaller final bills when I leave those ships.
  13. I’d say the “average” would be 1, but we sometimes book more. We actually have 3 booked for 2020. The Glory in February, and a B2B on the Magic in April. I wanted to do a long Journey cruise for 2021, but our son and daughter in law would like to cruise with us in early 2021, but for no longer than an 8 day, due to work requirements. I guess we can book us another later in the year.
  14. Going to follow along, as I said, I will be on the Magic in April for my 50th Anniversary. But first, I’m on an even older ship in February. The Glory.
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