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  1. Costa Maya is the only port on our next sailing that we have never been. I hope we don't miss it! Hope you still had a great day!
  2. As per Luvcrusn said, clear cookies and cache. Sometime this happens to me when using Microsoft edge and I switch to internet explorer and it works.
  3. Our first cruise with Celebrity was on the Connie. We had a great time and also lucked in to a FV cabin. My picture is taken from our balcony.
  4. New video on the Apex entertainment! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dri8CMtXddA Have not sailed on the Edge, so I can't comment if any different. We will have to wait till Nov 2020 to find out in person. Glad we booked the SV!
  5. Don't know if this makes much of a difference but hopefully they are listening! https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/stay-tuned-celebrity-apex-dining-entertainment-spa-news If you thought Celebrity Apex would be a carbon copy of Celebrity Edge, think again. While they’re definitely sister ships with the same design and layout, Apex — scheduled for delivery in March — has lots of new menus and dining enhancements, expanded spa/wellness programs and ‘tons of new entertainment,’ Celebrity Cruises President and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo told Seatrade Cruise News in France on Monday. Cornelius Gallagher crafts new menus Celebrity's Cornelius Gallagher, VP food and beverage, created new signature dishes for each main dining room, expanded offerings in on Raw on Five and the Magic Carpet (made possible thanks to a larger galley) and completely revamped the Eden menu. There will be an even greater focus on fresh, distinctive local specialties. A new Le Petit Chef experience/storyline is coming, too. Lisa Lehr leads entertainment changes Lisa Lehr was brought in as VP entertainment — she was formerly with RWS Entertainment Group in New York — and has crafted a whole new lineup for Eden with different daily themes. Plus, The Club will have different décor and a transformed experience each night. On Tuesday, Celebrity plans to show off its latest ship at Chantiers de l’Atlantique to a large group of international media and retail partners, so watch this space for more details. Sea trials still to come Also, Lutoff-Perlo confirmed Apex still hasn’t been out for sea trials. There’s nothing wrong with the ship, she stressed. It’s in great shape. As earlier reported here, it’s been a question of bad weather followed by a port workers' strike related to pension reform in France. ‘Hopefully we will get to sea trials soon,’ she said.
  6. I found Barbados a great place. Last time we got off the ship and walked through town,rented a car and headed for Harrisons caves. Then we went to walkers beach and explored the Atlantic coast down past Bathsheba. It was fantastic and we enjoyed the day without any hassle from locals and felt very comfortable walking around. We found St Lucia find in the city but felt a little more uncomfortable if you walk too far outside of the main area. Jamaica, been there, done it, don't need the hassle.
  7. You are correct. I just checked on my Nov 21 apex cruise and it was also cheaper. I called Celebrity and they were not getting the same price. They could not see the same thing as we were. I tried a hold and it did not have the 4 perks attached.
  8. Will you receive 4 bottles of wine?
  9. Is there a wine list that you can choose from? Or is it just the ones from the premium package. Are the bottles of wine for your stateroom or can you have in the MDR?
  10. Every time I try to book a resident or senior rate. I always get no extra discounts. Even the codes that they sending me, example: ccfall2019 never applies. I find it hard to believe that they can't apply the discount or $100 OBC to $5200.00 sailing. Why keep sending me an email with the code, if it never works! I guess captains club codes aren't worth anything. Sorry for the vent!
  11. I hope this is not the norm to be there 25 minutes before shows every night. We never seemed to have problems getting seats on the M or S class ships, except the odd time. We usually arrive 10 to 15 minutes before show. Thanks, at least its good to know before we sale on the Apex.
  12. I rarely use the safe for phone or tablets and never had a problem on the Summit or others.
  13. So we already have the premium drink package. Do we get upgraded to the "Drinks and more package" If already paying a premium, you should get an upgrade, or at least an OBC in the amount of the 14pp pd. We booked in November 2019.
  14. I feel you pain! The Canadian dollar did not me feel good about paying just over $5100.00 for a SV. The 4 perks helped a little!
  15. We have a SV booked on the Apex, deck 9 . 4 perks and 500 OBC. Can't wait!
  16. I wonder when they will let them go? Its only a matter of time with the 18 new ships on order between their lines. Average life span of 30 years, so after 20, its time to sell while it still has some value. Hopefully this does not happen but I won't book an older ship too far out. Hopefully they would not leave people out in the cold! Anyone want to buy it? https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2002/cruise-ship-2038-passengers--stock-no-s2348-3016926/
  17. Our Apex sailing dropped in price from when we booked during the Veterans days sale. Saved $420.00😀
  18. I have to agree with you about the pricing. I have also been doing more land vacations. Even thought I just booked another cruise, It was over 2.5 times the price of my last few. Last one was in 2016 in concierge class and this one is sunset veranda. The only difference in extras is internet on this one. However I see you are also from Canada and our dollar has not been any help, but some other lines pricing are starting to look a little more appealing.
  19. We have booked one on the Apex. Deck 10 in the middle, bed by balcony. Can't wait. Was the lounger hard to get? Please post more pictures!
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