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  1. On my tour around South America before we left home I went to currency exchange and got about 200 US dollars worth of the local currency. For each of the ports of call including Mexico. I got denominations as close as I could to $10 US value. It was great. I could shop at the local markets and not really have to speak the language to purchase whatever. Purchasing soft drinks or beer from the vendors was easy. Ten dollar tip to the tour guide was always welcomed in the local currency. The whole exercise was fun... For major purchases I used the credit card.
  2. My general rule is we can walk out to the car in one trip towing and carrying everything. Two wheeled suitcases and two carry on.
  3. I believe their logic is to address potential complaints. People arriving at 11 am potentially have to wait a couple hours before boarding. If everyone followed the instructions there would be minimal waiting. People complaining about long waits are simply referred to the suggested boarding order. People who arrive at approximately 11am should expect to have long lines and not complain about it. Like most people I arrive early, get lunch on the ship and consider it a bonus if the place isn’t a zoo.
  4. Following your advice I have booked a bunch of tours. Our cruise like most in this region involves a lot of sea days so it’s important to do some tours when we get the chance. Thanks.
  5. Been to the Caribbean dozens of times and generally there is no problem finding tours on your arrival at the islands. Is it the same for Pago Pago, Apia Samoa, Bora Bora,Tahiti and Moorea.
  6. I see the Caribbean Princess bridge cam is still showing December 30. Hope it gets repaired soon. Must be disappointing for anyone who has family or friends following their Panama Canal Cruise.
  7. Just my opinion but I think it depends on the captain. Most captains go slow with caution because one serious error could end their career. Having said that we were on MSC Poesia a few years ago and he drove it like a speed boat. His background was with cargo ships so I assumed he was very comfortable with how the ship handled......
  8. This thread has been up and running for over 10 hours and I can not believe someone hasn’t said the obvious. The best thing is boarding the ship and the worst thing is seeing all the suitcases in the hall on the last night.
  9. I see that the first two balcony cabins forward on the top deck remain available for booking. Trying to find out if they have a solid metal railing or are they clear glass like all the others. Very hard to tell from the pictures. The pictures appear to have a solid metal railing but that might be crew cabins and I'm not sure....
  10. Like most people I believe 4:45 pm is too early and 5:30 /6:00 is perfect. Probably too perfect because the demand likely exceeded the supply. We are looking at a 14 day on the Caribbean Princess and that would mean with early dining we are in the dining room for 6 of the sail always. Not going to happen for us. The new 7:15 late dining will be the best option for us. A little late but much better than after 8. The new dining times will reduce the demand for early dining and increase the demand for late dining. Just maybe it will be a little more balanced. Also the buffet might become busier which has to be a very good thing for the cruiseline .....
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