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  1. I was once the recipient of the upgrade fairy. She did exist. I booked 3 consecutive cruises, all in inside cabins, and was called and upgraded to a balcony on the third cruise.
  2. What is free at Coco Cay, pool swimming, kid area? Are slides crowded?
  3. It is less than 30 days to my cruise. I heard I could bid for an upgrade? Is that always an option? If so, where can I do this?
  4. NancyC

    Evening dress

    I would have been fine without dressing up but we love the evening shows and would miss the entertainment.
  5. NancyC

    Evening dress

    Yes, hubby consented to get & wear a black suit.
  6. NancyC

    Evening dress

    We are taking QM2, Quebec City to NYC.
  7. NancyC

    Evening dress

    Thanks to all for your understanding and suggestions. We have decided to go shopping and give QM a try. Thanks again.
  8. NancyC

    Evening dress

    Yes, we are just considering Cunard and my husband doesn’t own a tux and rarely wears a suit. In order to not offend anyone, I was trying to know the limits ahead of time. Thanks for all of your comments. It sounds like we will go another direction.
  9. NancyC

    Evening dress

    If we wish not to dress formally on gala nights, what venues are open to us? I know we can eat at the buffet. Can we go to the evening show? Are there bars and dance venues open to us? Or is it easier to state where we can’t go?
  10. it is only good for $50 per port towards excursions. You can’t use it all for one or two excursions. If you don’t take an excursion in one port, you lose that $50.
  11. You don’t know under they book it and then they may change it.
  12. One suggestion for extra restroom options: Look at the deckplans and try to book near a public restroom at the end of the hall or on a floor above or below. My husband showered in the spa while I and our 2 daughters dressed for dinner.
  13. Here is an update. Our flights were changed. We are flying to Miami on Delta, connecting in Atlanta and returning on a direct flight on American. We have selected our seats and all looks good for us. My only objection to our flights is that we don’t leave Miami until 7:45 pm. I guess I will enjoy lunch and dinner at the Miami Airport.
  14. I called AA and got record locator, but she said Norwegian hadn’t paid yet, so I can’t select seats until that is done. I was able to add our frequent flyer and global entry numbers. Gamergirl, it was about 56 days out. We got connecting flights through Atlanta going to Miami with Delta and a direct flight coming home with AA. At first we had round trip flights with AA but those got changed when NCL paid for the tickets.
  15. You can fly in early or stay after if you book a hotel package also.
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