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  1. Dose anyone know if the new Encore ship will go thu the Panama Canal on the old locks? And will they have an excursion that goes through the rest of the Canal?
  2. Thank you! I was thinking that exact word.
  3. This is my grandson . He have allergies
  4. Yes, “organic “ is just a preference . I’m sure he’ll find things to eat. They were just looking for a simple strategy. This is a family reunion cruise. They probably would not have done a cruise with him at this age if it weren’t for this special event. Thanks to all for your thoughts on this.
  5. we’re traveling with a two year old that is gluten and dairy free. He eats organic,dairy and gluten free soup every day. It comes in a carton. Will we be able to get access to a microwave to heat the soup? His diet is very limited. Are there any gluten free options on board?
  6. Thanks for the info. This is what I was looking for. Inside and outside spots.
  7. Are there any areas with lounge chairs that are shaded, maybe above the pool deck? We have some people in our group that can’t be in too much sun.
  8. I’ve been on some ships , that have had some decks with areas that were kinda hidden away ( not a lot of people traffic). Does carnival Pride have any such places?
  9. do they have any non dairy milk on carnival cruise line?
  10. does anyone know if the really cheap , dry erase boards from the dollar store , are strong enough to stay up on the outside of the cabin door? I have 7 cabins to buy for. I’d like our group to be able to let each other know where they are going, or if someone is napping ( do not disturb).
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