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  1. Thanks so much, WisconsinFan. That helps. I wasn't sure about how you get to the area where you get the tram. She would be OK waiting because she has a rollator with a seat. I can always push her a little in it if it is too much walking. She can also do 2-3 small steps. I know my Mom can't do a bus, so I've written to Glory Tours that people have recommended on Cruise Critic to see about the type of transportation for a small group tour or options for a private tour. No one answers. But thanks again for all your information!
  2. This may have been answered, but I can't find it in the search. Harrison's Cave in Barbados seems like an easy and fun thing to do for an older person with mobility issues. There is a tram -- which seems to start near or at the entrance. Yet, both the cruise excursion and Glory Tours say it is not for people with knee problems or difficulty walking. I would not take the cruise ship excursion because of the problem of getting on and off the high steps of a regular bus, so I can understand that. However, if there is a small group van, or even a private tour, what, if anything would be a 'problem' for someone with mobility issues? I would really like to take my elderly Mom. She uses a rollator, but can hold on to me to take some steps to get on and off a tram. For example, she went to Hershey, PA last year and was able to get on and off the tram with my help and the floor moving. She can get to a seat in a theater holding on to me after parking her rollator. Can anyone shed light on this? Do you have suggestions?
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