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  1. I agree that 6 hours isn't much time. You could go to Lowry Park Zoo. If you like breweries, Coppertail is near the port and I like their beer and food (try the Unholy Trippel). I don't know if I would chance it going to the beaches as traffic to and from can inexplicably build up and cause delays. It's just under an hour to Clearwater beach from the port and just over an hour from the port to Siesta Key (the nicer of the two IMO). If you like higher end shopping, I really like Old Hyde Park. Buddy Brew coffee there has some great fresh roasted coffee you can take home if you're into that. Port to the Dali museum and back to airport is about an hour's worth of driving altogether. If you go a little further that direction you can go over the Skyway bridge and go to the state park just on the other side, it's a shame you wouldn't have time to watch a sunset there.
  2. I've seen people saying they haven't seen any actual Apple products on board but the newsletter here is advertising for Apple products to purchase onboard. Is it possible I can use some of my OBC on an actual Apple product? I'd rather do that than spend it all on booze to take home because the computer/iPod/iPad will last longer, lol.
  3. Call them and ask is about the only way I think you can.
  4. Sort of on topic... This is going to be my first time with a drink package. My wife and I will have the classic package, I may upgrade one of us to the premium trying to decide if it's worth it. Anyways, my question is, if we both have drink packages, can one of us take both of our cards to the bar to grab us both a drink, or do we both have to show up?
  5. You could always buy a bottle of cane sugar syrup and add however much you'd like to the tea available. Mixes so much easier in cold products than granules.
  6. :cool: First cruise?
  7. Celebrity Infinity November 19 and 24
  8. It’s two cruises, same ship, same itinerary in a different order. So... kind of?:)
  9. Awesome! Thank you! Looks like one week we're at one pier and the next week we're at the other on our B2B.
  10. How does one tell where the ship will port? We're on Infinity in November and I can't find any info online about which port in Key West we'll be at.
  11. We have the Carnival Mastercard. It came with an initial 50,000 points with use or something. The interest rate is high, 20 something %, but we also somehow got a HUGE credit limit, higher than any other card we've ever had. Is it worth it? Sure, if you pay it off each month like you said you would. PRO TIP: Make sure you use the points for Carnival or other subsidiaries on purchases over $1500. The points are worth 1.5x the amount they would be on smaller purchases. Also, the Barclaycard app is actually pretty good as you can use points through the app.
  12. You’re right, I missed the + one year old rather than there’s four with a one year old.
  13. Keep calling! But I do agree there’s two sides to this story. I’m curious how this plays out.
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