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  1. Me and my husband have cruised Marella with another couple, approx. half a dozen times. We don't pay for particular cabins, and we are all on the same one booking. we are put no more than a couple of cabins apart each time.
  2. I took a 3 night Christmas cruise in 2014 on Marco Polo. Was not expecting a formal night. Horrors,,,,,,, there was one, and was unprepared. Managed to wing it, there were others who also were caught unaware but many were fully prepared , dinner jackets and bow ties. I would say, go prepared !!!!
  3. When I was in Jordan they were happy to take US dollar, euro and sterling …….. like you, just needed small notes for ice cream, tips, postcards, souvenirs etc ………… you will be fine with US dollar.
  4. Many thanks to you both. It is Steinwerder dock. With your help I now feel confident to do a DIY. Best regards
  5. I am looking forward to a Hamburg cruise stop in December. I intended to purchase a shore excursion to take in some sights and the Christmas market. I have now discovered from the excursion brochure that alternatively there is a complimentary shuttle bus into town. I was curious if other travellers have used this shuttle, and would you recommend it as a reliable mode of transport ? Would be quiet a saving £££. However I don't want to become lost and stranded as I was told taxi's are in short supply. Many thanks in advance for any tips you can supply.
  6. Hello, I have booked a short 5 night festive trip for this winter. Will there be a formal night ? Does the cruise port at Antwerp dock directly in town ? Was wondering if I could just simply walk to the Christmas market. Your information would be gratefully received. Thank you.
  7. Many thanks for your advise and suggestions . I now know its not just me !
  8. 47 days till my Canary cruise, however, although excursions are detailed and advertised, they are not available (on sale) to book online. Does this seem odd to you. I have booked cruises with Marella and excursions several months in advance in the past.
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