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  1. We did go on the Royal sponsored excursion. We were thinking of returning on our own, but in the end we had plenty of time to do what we wanted for the cruise sponsored time. I probably could've stayed a little longer, but felt satisfied with the time versus the cost of the taxi to return. We returned to the ship and dropped off snorkeling gear, then my daughter and I went walking and shopping. I think it would've been easy to catch a cab back if they had called a taxi for us, and was about a 25 minute drive to return to the port. Like a previous post mentioned we had a different colored wrist band, but didn't see anyone enforcing it or anyone taking a "roll call" to make sure we were back on the bus to return.
  2. When are you cruising? We leave 3/3 so I can let you know if it works if you are cruising after us! 🙂
  3. Yes, I am aware of that. But, we are going to try and taxi back instead of rising the Royal tour bus on the way back so we can stay longer.
  4. Yep, the folks from DePalm said they could call a taxi for us and I am aware the island closes at 5. But, the Royal excursion ends at 2:30, so guessing they'd leave the island by 2:00 .....and extra couple hours would be nice. 🙂
  5. (Admin- please do not move this to the Aruba port board, these are questions specific to doing this excursion through Royal) Has anyone does this excursion through Royal? Looking at the website for DePalm, they are an all-inclusive day- unlimited drinks, food from buffet or grill. However, when you look at the excursion description on the Royal cruise planner, it states " tour includes.....lunch buffet and complimentary beverage" Does anyone know if they limit you to one drink? Also, they have a grill and a buffet at De Palm according to their website, does Royal limit this to only the buffet? (I have one kid who is a picky eater.) Also, I contacted De Palm and Royal excursion, and they both said that we could opt to return on our own via taxi instead of with the tour. Has anyone done this? We would like to stay longer if possible, and we are in port til 11 p.m. so have plenty of time to return via taxi.
  6. We looked at De Palm island.....looking at their website if you visit there directly it shows everything is all inclusive- buffet, grill, unlimited drinks, etc.. When looking a the excursion through Royal Caribbean, it says "includes buffet and a beverage". Does anyone know if you get the full food and beverage service/all inclusive when booking through Royal?
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