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  1. Checking back in on this before as mom and I say "Shutting down for the night" (due to our ties to aviation and my dad flying for NWA for 31 years its our way of saying going to bed) this is certainly not what I wanted to hear.
  2. Oh no this is not good. I have a way of knowing were all the HAL ships are every day and says that Volendam is in Ketchikan today. Just checked Marine Traffic and currently 3 ships are docked. Coral Princess, Royal Princess and yes the Volendam. Hope for a positive outcome.
  3. My mom and I were on the Zuiderdam last late October, early November so we were on for Halloween. When we found that smoothies had become available we did have some of them. To me they were OK. But then again we had started going to a local Smoothie King so we do have a way to compare them. Of course the menu at a Smoothie King is considerably bigger. I decided that those form our Smoothie King were better and more flavorful. Better and more natural ingredients also. Then when we were on the Nieuw Statendam for 18 days over the Holidays I didn't have any and my mom didn't have as many. When we disembarked we found a Smoothie King and made a stop to get get a couple to have as we started our drive home. The smoothies on the ship could be better for sure. I noticed the yogurt being used was just one of the plain little cups from the lido. Hopefully they will get better as I am a picky eater and is a way to get more fruit in me.
  4. Wow. Hearing about this is really unfortunate and certainly not what people ever want to hear. I feel fortunate that after what my mom and I have been through losing may dad who was a commercial airline pilot and then my older brother coming up 2 years ago the end of May we have been able to support each other and move forward with our lives. Even my current Orthodontist said to me once to keep getting out with my mom to do as much as we can as long as she can. This is because there is a story as it relates to one of his offices that was a part of when my dad passed away and I was with a different Dr doing treatment at the time. This is also sad because a very dear close friend of ours who what would have been about 3 years ago moved to be closer to us because she she thought so much of our friendship that she wanted to be closer to us. About 3 weeks into last year's WC had to leave because of a problem and when trying to do this years had to leave again even earlier into the cruise still dealing with the problem that caused having to leave last years WC (2018) in addition to other issues and is also no longer with us. At least made it back and were together about 3 times before passing. I now that a lot of people on the WC knew our friend and I know that I am probably still showing my emotions way more than my mom over this loss. We first met while doing the Statendam 1999/2000 Millennium Holiday Cruise to Hawaii and back from San Diego as we were always at the bar in the Crows Nest to have some drinks before going to dinner at the same time. Our friendship was like we were family and when my mom experienced heart problems after our return from time with our friends in the Netherlands and a Koningsdam cruise from Amsterdam in 2016 our friend was with me to lean on. Everything worked out good with my mom and still going strong.
  5. Oh I hate hearing when someone passes as a very good long time friend of ours was on the Amsterdam WC but is one of the passengers that had to leave the ship due to health problems and is also no longer with us. At least made it back and we had a couple of visits before leaving us.
  6. Just a FYI that the Rotterdam trans Atlantic cruise started from Tampa not Ft. Lauderdale. The Rotterdam has been sailing from Tampa the last couple of Caribbean winter seasons and when she left last Sunday there are no plans for a HAL ship to return to sailing from Tampa at this time.
  7. I too remember finding out about what had happened to the Rotterdam the year before when you were on. But didn't find it till after we had returned home from our trip in 04. One event in our life that we have not forgotten. Yeah seeing how close the Viking ship was to going aground is pretty scary. Our situation was pretty scary cause we were so far from land and sure you were too in 03. We were back on the Rotterdam for the 04-05 Holiday cruise but it was a pretty bad trip cause so many things happened. We also were involved. When they realized they had made made a terrible mistake involving us they tried to make up for it but we had already been so hurt by it all we wanted to leave the ship on the last day when we were in Key West but of course we stuck it out. Because of this we just decided that we wouldn't cruise on the Rotterdam any more and till this day we haven't. Have been on the other Dam Ships as there are plenty to pick from. Most recently we were on the Nieuw Statendam over the Holidays for 18 days.
  8. Yeah we didn't have any complaints as to how this was all handled back in 04. When we reached Belfast as our last port before starting the crossing pretty much everyone knew that Karl was out there and wondered how it was going to effect our route. When we left Belfast we were supposed to go north and around Northern Ireland but was changed due to the poor weather conditions. I remember meeting up with people who had done the tour that included Giants Causeway and said the conditions were "not good". Instead we headed south along the East coast of Ireland and then started across the Atlantic in a way that was going to keep us out of harms way but despite the efforts we still ran into the problem we ended up with. No it wasn't fun and I have similar video of things moving across the floor and the sound of bottles and glasses falling and breaking. Along with the video showing the motion we were experiencing due to our sea conditions. Yeah we were back on the Rotterdam for Christmas and New Years that December as when we found out that our friend was there we changed ships. Unfortunately we had such a bad trip because so many things happened including a situation we were involved with, we decided we wouldn't cruise on the Rotterdam anymore and since then we haven't. We have still been cruising but just doing it on the other ships and this past Holiday for Christmas and New Years we were on the Nieuw Statendam.
  9. Really hope everything in the end turns out to be OK. For sure this is a scary situation. I have been following this via watching the live link from post #239 by cruzersky2. Some people are saying things they shouldn't. My mom & I are loyal HAL cruisers and were on board the Rotterdam Trans Atlantic in September, 2004 when we developed similar problems. We were so much further out from land at the time and had slowed down to not get too close to Hurricane Karl. Our course had been changed but because Karl suddenly started to break apart and we still felt the effects. When we were back on the Rotterdam for the Holidays that December we found out there was a Million U.S. dollars worth of cosmetic damage to the ship and some other things that contributed to it all which I can't say here. We were dead in the water for 3 hours. Took 2 hours to get back on line what the ship needed for propulsion but the ship needed 2 on line. Once we were able to get to this point we finally started moving. We were also in very, very heavy and confused sea conditions. Our captain was great in keeping us updated and said that they had to be very careful about getting everything back on line so that we wouldn't go dead in the water again. This was also a part of very slowly increasing our speed as eventually we finally started to settle down and the stablizers could be deployed. They are not effective till the ship has enough speed. Ships will ride better when the bow is going into the waves instead of the side of a ship being hit from the side. With the Hurricane season we had here in Florida that year and there were so many people living in Florida on that cruise we knew how to clean along with other passengers and worked side by side with the crew to get the Rotterdam cleaned up. I was one of them. The conditions we had the next day was like nothing had happened.
  10. This has always been my thought. Especially when they send out the emails regarding embarkation. This included mom ans I when we boarded the NS on Dec.19th. Yeah they faced all the inspections being their first time into Port Everglades and I could see it going on when we arrived. When we did arrive at the terminal it was already pretty full of a lot of other people that payed no attention to it and we were still on by 12:30 pm as we are 5 star mariners and in a Vista suite. Regarding the spa issue, I haven't used our booking numbers to see what comes up for this. I don't see how people in Seattle can force people to pick a time slot for using this area as its going to be different based on if its a port or sea day. For example if its a port day it would probably completely eliminate the chance for someone to use it even if they picked afternoons because that means that someone would have to give up using it for the day since they probably wouldn't be able to go ashore to do a tour for example and then have time for doing anything else. Evenings would probably be out too due to evening activities with dinner, show, etc and with mom and I we always go for drinks before dinner. Be interesting to see how long this lasts.
  11. Does anyone know why we all of a sudden have to pick a time of the day to get a pass to use the Thermal Suite/Hydro Pool? I think it its a nice option to be able to book this on line but in all the years I have been doing it I have always gone to the spa on board to get this for the cruise and could go use it at any time of the day during the hours it was open. Certainly doesn't make it easy for people on a port day. Booking on line doesn't allow for using ship board credit for it also.
  12. Yikes. This reminds me of what my mom and I went through during the trans Atlantic we did on the Rotterdam in September, 2004 when we lost our propulsion and were dead in the water for three hours while dealing with the effects of Hurricane Karl when we were trying to go around at the the time and then it started to break up and still got us. We were back on the Rotterdam that December for the Holidays and so many of the crew were still there and glad to see us back. They told us there was a Million Dollars worth of cosmetic damage to the ship. I still have a copy of the damage report involving all the lost beverages from the Java Cafe (at the time) where a former very dear close friend of ours was working who was a bartender. Oh and we were warned that day that our conditions were probably going to get worse before starting to get better later in the day and our speed was slowed down so we wouldn't get to close as we were trying to go around it but as I say"you never mess with mother nature" and sometimes she has changes in mind but doesn't bother telling anyone before doing it. Seeing this going on with the Viking Sky so close to shore is certainly very uncomfortable as what we had happen was in the middle of the north Atlantic and for us 4 days at sea turned into 6.
  13. Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. I am going to try and remember this.
  14. Cruise day credits are unfortunately just a number. Its a combination of actual cruising days and the extra days that you earn from on board spending and if you are in a cabin category that gives you the extra days. When it comes to earning pins and medallions and the extras we get along with them is based on actual cruising days. After someone earns a 700 day platinum there is nothing in between till reaching presidents club which I think is about 1,400 days. Once again all based on actual cruising days.
  15. Then it was time to return to the ship for a short nap and sailaway. We were supposed to push off at 6:00, but because of a medivac situation for a passsenger who had had a heart attack, we sailed at 6:30 while watching all the little boats in the harbor. Hearing this is never good. There could have been two people disembarked. A friend of ours who was also on the WC called yesterday to tell us that she had to leave the ship. Am sure our friend was not the reason for Amsterdam sailing late as our friend did not mention being in a hospital and had probably left the ship earlier in the day based on the time of a missed call I had from her on my cell phone. Was actually working on flights to get back home. Have not heard anything yet so far today.
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