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  1. Good Day Everyone, I would like for someone to confirm if Aurea guests have a separate dining room. If so, on which ships. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thank you all for your advise and information! Greatly appreciated!
  3. 1) One ticket or two? One ticket- connecting flights... 2) Which airlines? American Airlines operating by British Airlines 3) What class of travel/frequent flyer status? Economy....but what is the difference....whether business, first class, economy...just want to know if I am able to make my connecting flight on time. At a minimum you’ll need to clear security at Heathrow. Depending upon the other answers will depend upon whether you need to clear immigration/customs/change terminals. No need to be an experienced cruiser to answer the question! Sorry....I don't understand this comment.
  4. Hi Everyone, For the many experienced cruisers out there, I have a flight leaving from Montreal to Rome, connection at London Heathrow. Connecting time is one hour! Is that enough time??
  5. You are all awesome!! I thank you all very much for your advise and your experiences. I so much appreciate it. Have a Great Weekend
  6. Thanks TNTLAMB, My husband would not be very happy. He occasionally gets seasick during rough seas....
  7. I have been looking at this also. I've been on the Eclipse and she is gorgeous. I just really wanted to leave San Francisco! Decisions, decisions...
  8. Cruise Raider- Thank you very much. I will most certainly take you up on asking you questions....Just have to think of what exactly I need to ask! Lol! Once again, thanks , much appreciated!!
  9. Hi! I will need advise from you experts out there. I booked a Hawaiin Cruise on the Grand Princess in November 2019. I am just so undecided whether to go for it or look for another destination. Need to know if it is cold ( what is cold) out of San Francisco and back to San Francisco in November. It is an older ship. Will I be bored on sea days .Will there be people my age ( late 50's)? Once in Hawaii, it will be fantastic but it's getting there that I an not sure of. Need to know all your pros and cons!! Thanks
  10. Thanks for taking the time off you vacation for a wonderful review and beautiful pictures. Anxiously awaiting your next cruise!!
  11. Thanks for your replies. Understand the window washing and the weather but I was a little worried....some people have posted that windows were being closed often for no apparent reason. So looking forward to the Edge.....and Eden , which looks like an amazing place!!!
  12. Hi Everyone, I have read so many reviews and I am still wondering if the captain has the IV windows sometimes closed, mostly closed, often closed ? Which is it? Thanks
  13. Did MSC change their smoking policy? I was on the Divina in February 2018 and there was NO smoking in the Casino . Only indoor smoking was in the Cigar lounge.
  14. Good Morning Fellow Cruisers! Oh My goodness! What is going on? Why is everyone so angry? This was definitely not the purpose of this thread. We all have one thing in common, the love of cruising! So, we SMOKERS will smoke in our designated areas and all you NON SMOKERS could have almost the entire ship! We will all enjoy our cruises and be grateful that we are even able to cruise. Live, Love, Laugh La Vita e Bella, La Vie est Belle, Life is Beautiful
  15. Hi! Thank you so much for your comments. I was feeling quite lonely here. Cheers and Happy Holidays
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