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  1. Ship - Sun Deck - 9 Stateroom # - 9033 Stateroom Category – BD/GTY Starboard or Port Side - port side Quiet Stateroom?– Yes. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – No obstructions Balcony Size? I think it was the regular size Was wind a problem? - No If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - n/a Any specific problems with this cabin? - only problem was the pull out couch - it was very hard but that's to be expected for a pull out couch for the most part. Any other comments? - I really liked the location of the room. we were only a few doors around the corner from the elevators which made it very accessible.
  2. Is your daughter old enough to take advantage of the teen area and if so does she enjoy it and has she met other kids her age there? We'll be on the Sun on Saturday!!
  3. I think this worked to my benefit just yesterday. I had transferred to my travel agent after having booked directly with Norwegian. I paid in full at time of booking. I asked my agent to just check and see how much it would be to upgrade from a partially obstructed Ocean View to a balcony GTY. She came back with $160 total (not per person). I took it thinking that was a good price from the OV GTY to a balcony GTY. I too am not nearly as knowledge as the folks on here so insight on this is very helpful. Thank you!
  4. I wasn't sure of the best forum to post this question so I'm starting here. We are traveling with myself, husband and daughter and bringing one of her friends (both children are 14 yo). I have been notified by Norwegian that we need to complete a form which both parents need to sign and attach a copy of their driver's license. Mom says dad has not been in picture since she was 1 year old. How has this been handled by those of you that may have been presented with this issue? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  5. Thanks everyone! Great tips. I'm thinking the Uber/Lyft option will be best with the convenience aspect coming and going even if not the cheapest.
  6. We will be flying into SFB. What is the easiest and least expensive way to get to the port? I've researched just renting a car (there will be 4 of us) and dropping it off but I'm not finding information if the car rental drop-off will have a shuttle to the port itself. Any tips or advice would be great.
  7. I thought I had read somewhere that part of the clothing restrictions for the Vatican and Sistine chapel was closed toe shoes. But looking on the website there is no mention of closed toe shoes as a requirement. If someone can confirm me that would be great, also if this requirement would apply to other churches. We will be visiting Florence as well as part of our cruise on Symphony on the 27th!! Almost time!! Thank you!
  8. We will be on the May 27th sailing - and this may be a dumb question but is Day 2 may 28th?
  9. Arriving via Symphony of the Seas on May 31st. What's the best way to get from port to Vatican? Also, between Vatican and Colosseum - is it within walking distance or will transportation be needed and what is the best way and how long will that take? thank you so very much for the information!!
  10. DreneeH


    I think we are going to DIY and leisurely see Pisa and Lucca in a day. Is there a church to be seen that will require a certain dress code while in this area? Just want to be prepared. Thank you!
  11. can you tell me how long to tour St. Peter's with the audioguide? Also, how long to tour the Sistine chapel only?
  12. We want to see the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. We are not so interested in the entire Vatican museum and therefore, we could "speed" through it to get to the chapel. I'm assuming that would mean we should avoid a formal tour, however, tickets for St. Peter's basilica on the same day now seem to be for only 1 time slot (13:00) and we are committed to another tour at that time. Do I look elsewhere for tickets to St. Peter's? the tour we have booked is at 1:15 for the colosseum.
  13. We will be in rome as a stop on our cruise on the Symphony on May 31st. We hope to see/tour the colosseum, historical sites and the Vatican. My question is this: We would like to see the Vatican but not spend too much time in the Vatican museums and move on to St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Please forgive my ignorance of these sites, but is it required to purchase tickets to the Vatican museum to see the other 2? and if so, is it best to buy skip-the-line tickets online and see this on our own? thanks in advance for your advice.
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