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  1. Jany from RIL is great! She replies promptly and is very helpful!!
  2. I used previous RIL recommendations from Cruise Critic and can't be happier. I began conversing with Jany a year earlier than our trip and am extremely pleased with all of the prompt and timely help Jany provided. Any time I had a question (and I had many as this was our first time to Europe), Jany was so wonderful with help and responses. We did two days with RIL before our cruises and cannot say enough wonderful things about them. We were so lucky to have Enrico for both days. As mentioned by others, he took us to others spots not typically seen by people like the Orange Grove and the Hidden Keyhole!! He arranged an authentic Italian lunch stop for us which was amazing. We also opted for the private your guides, which I am so glad we did!! Our first day was in Rome and our second day was supposed to include Sorrento and Pompeii. We decided against Sorrento which as we found out through Enrico it was a good choice as the highway was backed up and we would have never made it in time to see Pompeii!! RIL truly was wonderful in ensuring we saw all of the highlights of our locations and little extras. I consider Enrico to be more than a driver as he also provided us with a well of knowledge about Italy!! Highly recommend Rome In Limo!!
  3. Just a heads up...depending on which sailing you have selected for Vision of the Seas, you may be disappointed. I was booked in a grand suite on the 6/7/18 sailing but do an issue on another sailing my TA found out this sailing has been chartered and we will be displaced...SOOOO I spent over an hour on the phone w/my TA and rep from RCCL problem resolution and ended up booking Jewel of the Seas B2B 6/17/18 & 6/24/18.
  4. Oh, and read the fine details to see what trivial things they won't cover. We returned to Los Angeles from a Hawaii sailing and unfortunately there was a blizzard in Colorado so we were literally snowed out. It was on 12/20/06 so there were no flights until the 24th or 25th. Well we decided to rent a car and drive home. The rental car and food purchased on the way home were covered but the GAS was NOT!!! So that is what I mean by trivial...:confused:
  5. Same happened for our March 28 sailing. I wonder what is up w/that???
  6. Our first cruise was on Mariner of the Seas (Western Caribbean)--sister of the Navigator & we totally feel in love w/cruising. That being said we chose to cruise to Hawaii upon the Island Princess. With that sailing be my only experience w/Princess...it will be the last. I felt the food was pretty comparable between the two--I didn't have a problem w/either, but the service on Island Princess was HORRIBLE. I don't expect much, but when you call room service for a cheese tray & get told that is extra & say okay & then get told you need to give them five hours to prepare it, something is a little wrong w/service. (Thanks for letting me vent!) I agree w/the other posters in that there is more to do on MOTS, mainly because it is bigger than Island Princess. I don't know about the Crown Princess so it would not be fair for me to comment! As a side note, I would post this on Princess' board, but I don't ever go there because they are not my preferred cruise line! :)
  7. vavasmom, Thanks for the information! That is great to know! I personally hate those darn salt water pools. I guess living in Colorado I have become to used to chlorine!!! Thanks again, Deanna
  8. We don't sail for over a year, but I wondered if the pools, H2O Zone, & flow rider are fresh or salt water? If you could let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. We have been on RCCL before as well as Princess & one of them offered fresh water pools--I am thinking it is Princess. Thanks for your help, Deanna
  9. Tom, You did a great job!!! Thanks for all of the effort you put in, Deanna :D P.S. I added your website to my favorites so that I can show other family members that are sailing w/me!!
  10. I agree...that part is enough to make me NEVER want to go back to Ocho Rios again!!! My family of 8 (ranging in age from late 50s to twins of 5) visited the falls in April 2005 and did just fine. Yes, there were some hairy spots, but otherwise it was all good. After dealing w/the salt water in the ocean and on the ship, it was nice that the falls were fresh water. I also agree w/another poster stating that the water was "filthy". I hope this helps, Deanna
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