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  1. Yeah agree it was a bit annoying. But it's usually not that bad/not that many. Think the double header of events is what caused it
  2. I believe there was an Irish musical group/band, etc on this cruise. Very large group. Couldn't help but notice someone wearing the green lanyard around their neck in every single elevator trip we took. There was also a wedding on the ship on the Friday we left Bermuda. I am assuming those 2 were the cause of all the private functions.
  3. Was on this cruise as well, first time on the Escape. Really enjoyed both the cruise and the ship itself. Agree, the cruise entertainment staff was like non-existent. And the weather was absolutely perfect in Bermuda all 3 days, which is always a plus.
  4. There was a bank of 4 of the Lock it Link games. And the same 4, very loud, drunk and obnoxious women seemed to sit there all day and night, betting 50 cents a spin, taking turns spinning, and hollering anytime they would get 2 hearts. I think my wife considered throwing them over board a dozen times or so. She did get on a few times, and did ok, but nothing big. Overall though the casino treated us well. I play more tables than slots and overall was up about $500-600 from the tables. My wife played slots all week and was up a few hundred as well. And then the last night, around 1 am, after she was sound asleep, and the casino was nearly empty, I sat down at a cash money grab machine (or whatever the actual name is) and hit this. Best part, by time they paid me, was so late I didn't give any of it back. So I think overall, we walked off the Escape + $4500-5000 (sorry for the off center pic...was late and I was pretty intoxicated. But this was on the $1 machines behind the black jack tables near the casino cage)
  5. We’re leaving to embark in about an hour. Will let you know how the machines (and tables) treated us
  6. In my limited times playing these games...they are ALOT of fun if you're getting the bonuses. But can have really long stretches of just nothing that can be costly.
  7. All the cool new stuff on the newer (Breakway/Plus) ships....on a ship that holds as many people as the jewel class ships, so no more 4000+ passengers and lines
  8. Just under $17k at Jakes 58. Picture of her win is on their facebook page some place in the "jackpots" section. Needless to say, she gets the royal treatment from them whenever we go back lol
  9. Thanks all...and if my wife hits another Grand jackpot, I might wind up giving up tables for them as well!
  10. Think she tried that and all the videos were 6 months plus ago. If not, no biggie, there's tons of slots to play. But after she hit a jackpot, those are like her games (lol like she would ever do that again!)
  11. Thanks...thought it used to be every day, but glad it's still available at some point.
  12. Thank you for these...leaving Sunday. Quick question, did they stop doing Canvas By U? My wife loved doing that last few cruises. Didn't see it in the dailies
  13. If so...do they have "Lock it Link" type games? My wife hit a Grand jackpot on one of those games about 7-8 months ago at a local casino here in Long Island, and has since become addicted to these games. She said she tried searching for a list of slot machines on the Escape online, but couldn't find anything. So figured I would ask on here
  14. Yeah we don't mess around with him, and follow doctors orders. Without going into a bunch of specific details, when he was 2 months old, he spent 31 days in Pediatric ICU on a ventilator with Pertussis (whopping cough) that would cause BradyCardias (him to cough himself into stop breathing for 5-10 seconds at a time and his oxygen levels to drop into the 40's and 50's). Knock on wood, he is a completely healthy, normal, and fine little guy, and that is long in the past. But we don't take chances. If his doctor says on Thursday it's not a good idea to go, we're not going and lose a few thousand. Not worth the money to take a chance with his health. Anyway, thanks again all...very much appreciate all the advice and kind words.
  15. Checked that site (and one other) and both list that for pre-existing medical coverage, the policy must be purchased withing 14 days of the first deposit. I don't know if an ear infection classifies as a pre-existing medical condition. Especially since he didn't have it when we booked, and this all only happened in the last few weeks. I am quite sure there would be some fighting to pay out claims if we needed to file for cancelling from the insurance side. Our son is feeling much better. Heck, you wouldn't even know he has an ear infection as of this morning when he was running around the house. So we're thinking he should be fine by Sunday for us to go...fingers crossed. Thanks all for the advice and links though. Much appreciated
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