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  1. Still a sizable savings, and by no means am I defending NCL's current price increases (heck that's why we are trying MSC to begin with), but not quite as big a price difference as the $4k per person.
  2. I was told when I booked that for Bella rooms, there is a charge for all kids program choices. But for Fantasica and above, it is free. That was definitely a swaying point in us booking a higher up package as our son will be 2 when we cruise in October. Hopefully I wasn't misinformed?
  3. I don't think this is an apples to apples comparison, as to the best of my knowledge, there are no inside Haven rooms. All are balcony rooms, and most are considerably bigger than your average room and balcony. A YC inside room vs. a Haven balcony room is not a fair comparison. What would a YC balcony room with comparable size have cost in comparison to that same Haven room you priced out?
  4. Open up an NCL credit card. Pay for the cruise, plus you'll get some OBC
  5. We're 9 weeks out from our cruise. When do the bid emails go out? And are the random like NCL, or does everyone receive them?
  6. I posted on the MSC boards since lack of response here, and got an answer. They don't have casino cards like NCL. Your ship card is used in the casino and inserted into slot machines. And you can charge your room (without any fee) when the card is in the machine. As for tables, he believes it works the same, with the card being given to the pit boss to take money out, but he is not a table player so couldn't say 100% sure. Do like the no fees. Don't like that I have to type in my number over and over every machine I go to. Would rather just take a sum of cash in 1 transaction, but I guess that's not doable.
  7. Thanks Beamafar. What about table games? Can I do the same with the pit boss (i.e. ask for $200 in chips charged to my room?)
  8. I posted this in the Casino section of the forums, but way more traffic here so hoping someone would be able to advise. On NCL, we are able to get money in the casino and charge our onboard account for a small 3% fee. Going on first MSC cruise in a few months, and was wondering if MSC allows the same thing? Don't usually like carrying around that much cash so prefer this method of getting money to gamble with. Thanks
  9. On NCL, we are able to get cash in the casino that gets charged to our on board account, for the 3% fee of course. First MSC cruise in October. Can you do the same thing with them? Don't like carrying around that much cash, so usually do this on the first night (and if a really bad run in the casino additional times lol).
  10. They probably did this so every under age child does have a supervising adult in the room. Unfortunately, this might hurt your case of moving rooms back to how they were, as every room is "legal" in terms of adult/child
  11. @AmiSwe May I ask how the passengers in the rooms are assigned? Is it? Room 1 - Your mother and father Room 2 - You and your husband Room 3 - 3 underage children If so, have you tried arguing the fact that having 3 underage children moved away from their parents and grand parents is against the law, that they have to be under adult supervision and must remain in the cabin connected to yours?
  12. The purpose is, as I stated, 12 hours prior to my post she said she would try calling MSC USA Customer service. Do you really think anyone here on CC can help her or give her an answer? If that was me, and I was in the situation she was in, I would be on the phone until I got it straightened out. You, nor I, not someone with 20 MSC cruises under their belt could do anything to help. Only MSC could. So I wasn't trying to be rude, but I also think the OP should stop posting and start calling non-stop IMO
  13. Not to be rude...but rather than ask questions to people here on Cruise Critic...why not try calling the cruise company, MSC? You said 12 hours ago you would call customer service again...what did they say?
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