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  1. And we now have concrete evidence of what all of us feared in the "Everything Encore" thread. How is this fun? Even if you're lucky enough to secure a chair, you're elbow to elbow with strangers while on vacation.
  2. Basic items are included, and the delivery/service fee is waived. Things like pizza you still have to pay an upcharge for.
  3. As we just sailed the Meraviglia a few weeks ago with a 2 year old, let me answer some of the questions that I can: 1 - How do the kids clubs work? Are they open all day or.only during certain hours? Will my 6 year old and 3 year old be able to attend the same kids club? Basically it is broken into 4 separate clubs, with 2 separate openings for each club. - There are 4 clubs based on age. Babies (0-2), Toddlers (2-5), Mini Juniors (6-10 I think), and Juniors (10-15 I think). Not 100% sure on the last 2 as it didn't really apply to us, but you get the gist. As for the times, there are 2-4 times a day where there is xxx Care. Baby Care/Toddler Care, etc. This is basically like day care. You drop off your kid, they give you an emergency phone that works anywhere on the ship. And it's a window of like 2 hours where they watch your kid. For the older kids, that could also mean taking them to dinner as a group. Then there is family time or free play. Most (like say 10-12 hours a day) the 4 rooms are open. But no supervision. You will have to be there your kid. But it's great because it's basically a play room. They have baby toys like cars and puzzles. Legos (so many legos!), coloring, fooseball, Xbox for the older kids, etc. 2 - Do I need to bring any special information with (for example immunization records) for my children to use the kids clubs? No - you sign them up on Day 1, and sign a waiver form basically removing MSC from any potential lawsuit. No records needed. 3 - Do they have any type of kids menus or other food options in the main dining rooms for children? Like many kids, mine can be fairly picky when it comes to food. There is a different children's menu daily for all dining rooms, that kind of goes along with the them of the evening. Usually like 8-10 different options on there. And if for example it is Italian night, they would have like spaghetti and meatballs. But there are always the tried and true options of like pizza, chicken nuggets, etc. Lunch, in the buffet, in the back there is a family section, which has kid-friendly options like Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for example, that you can't find anywhere else in the buffet line. 4 - Are the main dining rooms and the buffet the only free dining options on the ship? Any kind of snack bars or anything that are included? Nope, just the MDR, Buffet, and specialty restaurants. Nothing like an O'Sheehans on NCL for example. Best thing we did was book the fantasica experience so we were able to order room service when our son got hungry at "off" times. 5 - How are the late night food options at the buffet? When we were on the Seaside after about 10 PM or so all of the food was gone and you had nothing to eat. Latest I went was around 11:45 and it was mostly just pizza and some "snack" foods. I will say this, I'm not sure if you have ever cruised with NCL. But the kids program on MSC is like 10x better. Our son literally loved the kids club. He would get upset and cry when we would pick him up. And when we would go there, and as soon as we got off on the 18th floor, the walls are painted red (totally different than anywhere else on the ship), he would realize where we were and run down the hallway to get to the kids rooms. Amazing staff, amazing setup, really made the trip much more enjoyable for a 2 year old couped up in a tiny cabin, and for us, as it gave us a little adult time daily.
  4. My understanding (at least my own experience) was that if I filed a fraudulent claim charge with my credit card, they would take my side, and contact the vendor to allow them to give explanation why the charge if valid. Per your post, Chase contacted NCL, and NCL offered no valid explanation other than the charge is valid. And the sided with NCL and canceled your dispute. Something doesn't make sense there. Are you sure you were double charged this $300 and can prove it was charged to your wife?
  5. Hi @Beamafar How's it going. Missing still being on vacation. Was a very good cruise, with a few down sides IMO, but overall we really enjoyed ourselves and would definitely consider doing MSC again when they come back to NY. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi and see how the second leg is going.
  6. Piecing together from other posts and roll calls...none lol I think there is one English news channel, and like a TBS or TNT. All the rest are in foreign languages. Again, haven't said yet (we leave in 3 days) but that is what others reported
  7. Are those many thousand more people members of the forum cruise critic, and posting on the NCL cruise discussion boards?
  8. The fact that any one posting a comment to the effect of "who cares...no big deal...doesn't effect me" is simply silly to me. This entire website is designed to discuss cruising. This entire forum is dedicated to NCL, one of the major cruise companies. One of the heads of the company is stepping down, and being replaced by a guy, who by all accounts, is an accountant who will be focused more on dollars and cents than customer satisfaction and suggestions. If that doesn't warrant a thread and discussion...I'm not sure why any thread on here would.
  9. maybe if we ignore it, it will go away
  10. So what's the thinking...NCL starts following more of the international (Oceania) philosophies. Becomes less of the "fun" cruise line?
  11. Thanks. I work in midtown, and there is a parking garage on every block...literally. But with my wife and our 2 year old son as the passengers, and a lot of luggage for a 11 day cruise, wouldn't want to leave the alone while I go park and come back to meet up. So will just suck it up and pay the $40 per day.
  12. I know I have come across them in the past on here, but doing a search came up empty. Does anyone have a link or coupon for the parking lot at the NY Pier terminal? Thinking we're going to drive and park for our upcoming cruise as opposed to Uber. Thanks, Mike
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