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  1. Rather than being mad at NCL for not offering something they haven't offered for years (and people on this board confirming that to you)...as someone mentioned...get a new TA. Or insist your TA allows you to bid for upgrades or you will leave. Or book directly with NCL as opposed to a TA. Or pay for the upgrade/room you want. Getting mad at the cruise company for not offering something they haven't offered in years (maybe ever?)...just silly
  2. The pay for an upgrade up front. Don't be mad at something that has been this way for years. And as someone who admittedly "is not an early boarder" would probably only be more pissed if the answer was yes, there are upgrades but you got there too late. Of course then it would be NCL's fault for not somehow making it fair regardless what time you boarded.
  3. Funny how you started off asking if there ever were paid upgrades available as you have never seen it...was told no there's not....and now you seem pissed at the cruise line for not offering them to you. Odd how some people think
  4. Wow, after being on 16 NCL cruises in a row, followed by the last 2 on MSC, my take would be the complete opposite of yours. NCL is great for what it is...but MSC is like a step up in class in my opinion. Nonetheless, thank you for the review
  5. I emailed 2 people. Elaine was the one who answered on this, but Diego is who I have worked with to make reservations so I believe both are responsive Diego.Perez@msccruisesusa.com elaine.planas@msccruisesusa.com
  6. I did try with 4 passengers, and the square rooms are still unavailable. This is one of the few MSC cruises that leave from NY, so could be a case of those rooms being sold already due to high demand.
  7. Thanks again all, much appreciated!
  8. Thank you @Shippy. Going to go with a YC Deluxe Suite. The extra space would be nice, but the point of this splurge cruise is to treat my wife after putting up with me for 10 years. We've been on 17 NCL cruise and 1 MSC, all balcony rooms, never Haven or Yacht Club. So think having a butler, concierge, private pool/restaurant, etc is the way to go.
  9. Would those YC2 or YC3 be the Family Suite or Royal Suite cabin selections? If so, those are more than double what the Deluxe Suite would be for this particular cruise and a little out of my price range. I do see a Suite w/ Balcony or a Suite with Panoramic Sealed Windows, but when I select those cabin types, only the Aurea experience is able to be selected, not Yacht Club. The separate room sounds appealing, but it that worth not being in the Yacht Club and only being Aurea? I thought YC was the way to go?
  10. So based off that, all 8 of the square rooms look to either be sold (or held back). So no real difference in any of the ones available I'm guessing? And thank you btw
  11. For our 10th anniversary, I am surprising my wife with our first Yacht Club cruise on the Divina next year. Are there any "better" or "bigger" Deluxe Suite cabins in the Yacht Club that I should see if are available? The room chart and description when booking makes every room seem the same. However on NCL (which we have mostly cruised) there are always a few hidden secrets of some rooms over others (i.e. bed placement, angled larger balcony, room design on a hump so it is a little bigger, etc.) Thanks
  12. Quick update, reached out to our MSC Casino representative who we used in our booking/discount. He advised that MSC does not issue either W2 forms on hand pays or Official Win-Loss statements. However, if requested (which I did) they will give you a summary of all your play from the previous year on MSC letter head. I haven't rec'd it yet, so don't know what makes that "unofficial" versus a Win-Loss statement from NCL or a land based casino, but it is essentially what we need for tax purposes
  13. So if you win over $2000 on a MSC ship you don't get a W2 form on a hand pay? (unfortunately didn't have a chance to find out first hand lol). If they issue W2s, they should issue Win-Loss statements. If not, then you're right, probably won't happen
  14. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction on their website. We took our first MSC cruise in 2019. And for tax purposes, will need a win loss statement from casino play. NCL, and most land based casinos, there is a link on their website with a simple form to fill out. I was unable to find anything (including doing a search) on MSC's website. Does anyone have a link they can share? Or if not, is there an email address I can contact? Many thanks, Mike
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