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  1. Depending on where your balcony is on the boardwalk, you may be able to see the aqua show from your balcony.
  2. We have 8288 booked for Feb. 2021. It is a square cabin also. Was wondering the same thing
  3. If I purchase the drink package does that include the robotic bar?
  4. Just booked the Mardi Gras for Feb. 2021. We are platinum with Carnival but haven't cruised with them for awhile. We have been doing some Royal cruises lately. My beverage package question is this. Does the price of the package change from time to time as it does on Royal Caribbean. Right now it is 51.00 a day. Will it stay at that price or fluctuate from time to time. Can you buy it now online and change it if the price goes down. Thanks in advance for any response.
  5. We booked this cruise on 06 June 2019 and Coco Cay was and still is listed as the 24th.
  6. I went to the Schooner bar just outside the casino and ordered a Mojito. Bar tender said he was out of mint and couldn't make it. No problem ordered a different drink. Next day I went to Bolero's and asked the bartender Raquel if she would give me some mint. She said no problem. I then went to the Schooner bar and ordered a Mojito and got the same response no mint. I then said to the bar tender here you go and handed him the mint and told him they have plenty at Bolero's. Now I don't know if it's a communication problem or what, but if a bar runs out of something and the rest of the bars have it ,then why don't they restock at night by checking if another bar has something. Makes you think the Bartender didn't want to make that drink. Not saying that is the case but it is very confusing.
  7. What is the name of the Brazilian restaurant on the Allure? Never knew one existed.
  8. You get premier seating (if you get there early). You get a cocktail, and signed photo of the cast. Subtract 10$ for the drink and10$ for the photo and now the other features of the program are worth 29$, which includes the backstage meet and greet and the seating. If this is the stuff you like to do then I think it's worth it. Personally it's not my thing.
  9. Whether you get them in the main dr or the windjammer they are prepared in the same spot. Just hope you get one that is still warm.
  10. Will be on her in October. Hope the sky pad is open by then.
  11. Go to café promenade 30 min early and enjoy a snack or a beverage.
  12. Log on to the Royal app if you have smart phones lots of info and you will be able to chat to each other for free on the ship.
  13. These offers will come from the casino host and have nothing to do with C&A. If you book one of these offers through the casino host that is who you have to deal with for any booking questions going forward for that booking. You will need your C&A number for further ID sometimes
  14. How do you get a birdie or eagle? Look out for the hole in one
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