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  1. Hi all, just wondered if anyone recently off Aurora and could tell me about the availability of ballroom dancing? Is it scheduled every night? In Carmens I believe. Is it possible to miss it depending on which sitting at dinner? I have just spoken to P&O about this and they don't know 😕 all they could tell me was on sea days, there are dance classes,on all their ships. Find it strange that if dance instructor aboard, there isn't a schedule dance or two perhaps there is,hopefully. No need to mention Britannia or Cunard thanks, been on them and all good. Just fancy a change. Thank you
  2. Terrier John, I think you have hit the nail on the head. I booked a standard balcony with no mention of grade. I paid the price for an obstructed view. Their web site could do with an unobstructed view. Not too dissimilar to a footwear web site selling shoes without telling you what size shoe you will recieve.
  3. Slightly wrong sir, I booked a balcony and ended up with an obstructed view balcony. Needless to say I have filed a complaint but I'm not standing on one leg waiting to hear 🙂
  4. I do know. I booked a saver fare and had that choice. See post number 1 😕 Suits me because the it appears the default dining is last sitting, (all my past savers have been later sittings)which suits me because I only go cruising for the dancing. Have already said, if I had a choice of cabins I wouldn't know which to choose, apart from unobstructed 🙂 So, I don't really want to know how it works,it would be wasted on me and I don't like talking on the telephone. Thank you for sharing your knowledge though x
  5. I disagree the English Lady, saver fares are not for a grade, they are for those who are not bothered which cabin or dining option to have. Picking a saver fare you still need to chose between inside, window or balcony. Update, I rang P&O and I'm booked in an obstructed view balcony, I will put up and shut but not too happy given that I selected standard balcony. They offered an upgrade for more money, I declined. Here endth the story
  6. Mmmm perhaps my fault for not making it clear. Thank you Squish the Whale for being almost right, and the rest of you for being interested. I booked a saver because I'm not bothered which cabin I get. I am bothered about the type. The choice was Inside, Balcony or Suite. I chose Balcony. Within Balcony there is further choice of Single,Standard,Superior Deluxe or Fully Obstructed. I chose Standard, but somehow I paid the price of the Fully Obstructed, which is cheaper. I did not error in my choice, the error was the pricing on their website. In fact I checked it twice, I even selected the Obstructed cabin and the system would not proceed and said I had to phone them. I came out of the system, went back in and started again thinking I have messed it up. My confirmation clearly says "Balcony" with NO mention of Obstructed but I have paid the cheaper price. So, happy days? I will not ring them because that would give them the opportunity to request more money even if it was their mistake. I have had an obstructed cabin before but for the Fjords would prefer to see them without standing on the wardrobe :-) Either way I will be a big boy and take it on the chin, I'm not losing out whatever happens, apart from possibly falling off the wardrobe.
  7. I'm not drawing it to their attention if it favours me hehe Are they obliged to honour the sale if they have dropped a clanger? Contract of sale and all that stuff
  8. Thank you for your reply. I have booked a saver ticket so won't know the cabin number. I wouldn't know which to choose if I had a choice so the select ticket would be wasted on me. My question just concerns the obstructed view, should it say on the confirmation if it is obstructed or not? Thank you
  9. My booking confirmation alongside Grade, shows Balcony/your cabin can be allocated anytime up to departure blah blah blah.... If it was obstructed view, would it clearly state this above? I may have messed my online booking up. I did not want obstructed but I appear to have paid the price for obstructed yet according to my confirmation it just says Balcony. I don't want to contact them for fear of them saying oh dear we haven't charged you enough. Thank you
  10. Yes thanks for confirmation. Just found dance floor sizes on P&O website and it's got to be a joke. Britannia 4 x 7 Oceana 50 sq m what? Almost twice as big as Britannia? Oriana, Harlequins 109 yet the Pacific lounge is 172 Bizarrely Arcadia has 136m up in the crows nest I can't believe it, figure lies or statistics?
  11. Aurora , I didn't know that, is it dedicated or like Oceana in the bottom of the atrium with everyone walking through? I'm looking into this now...thank you
  12. Thanks all, I wonder why P&O don't mention it anymore? Perhaps going out of favour.. Britannia and Oriana only ships that have a worthwhile dance floor
  13. Anyone know if the Crystal room still exists? Can't find mention of it on P&O website, wonder if it's been converted to something else. If still there,is there still ballroom dancing? Thank you
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