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  1. A question to all the "erudites" of PV: We´ll be docking between 7am and 4pm, meaning we have between 7 hours total. NO question we want to go to Botanical Gardens: a) How much would a yellow taxi cost - from outside the port to BOTANICAL GARDENS? b) I assume that we should be there for about 3 hours, just walking and hiking: Is that a correct approximation? c) Do we have enough time to go into the center? Or is it just not worth the pressure? Thanks everybody
  2. We didn't go to West Bay - our guide told us that it's so expensive, but anyway this wasn't a planned stop. I thoroughly recommend Roatán Trips and Tours. Here is my review in TripAdvisor: "https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g303872-d3632885-r656872683-Roatan_Trips_Tour-Coxen_Hole_Roatan_Bay_Islands.html They will tailor your tour to get you back on time. Highly recommended.
  3. Thank you VERY much once again for your considered advice. I have found a very good tour for 5 hours which will take us all over the island and take us to a reef by boat (thanks for the warning about the over loved reef) for snorkeling as well as give us some time to relax on West Bay beach with a day pass, the works. Bless you and thanks once again.
  4. Thank you for your detailed reply. You seem so knowledgeable, so I am going to ask for your further advice , please. We have maximum 5 hours in Roatan - we will need to get back to the ship! So, to get to West Bay from the cruise port it's: Walk to open market (how long a walk), get minibus to West End (how long a ride?), Water Taxi to West Bay (how long a ride?) and then back. Right? Within these time limitations, and knowing (is this true?) that snorkeling in Roatam is THE thing, how would you divide our time. Is there anything else that's a MUST SEE? I really appreciate your time in responding.
  5. When you write ¨transportation¨¨ Do you mean ¨public transportation¨? I read that there is a "hop on- hop off bus". Is that recommended? Also how often do these "transportation" vehicles run? And lastly, can we hire snorkeling gear on West Bay Beach?
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