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  1. Getting ready to book our 2nd Alaska cruise. Last 2 times on the Jewel. (1st cruise to Alaska, 2nd on Jewel to Mexico with a ton of family!!) This time, wanting bigger ship, more things to do. From looking at both ships, leaning towards the Joy as it has the race track, galaxy pavilion and laser tag. Sailing with my mom, 82, me 52 and an 11 yr old. Wish we could bring a friend for her, but boy...that's seems like a huge commitment (even if friend's parents pay for their child) to bring someone else's child on a cruise. Not even sure I'd let my girl go with another family on a trip like that. We live in Washington state, so not across the country, but still, far from home. Both ships look lovely, but wanting more for her to do...she really wants to go to Caribbean, but mom (who thinks this is one of her last chances to cruise Alaska again) wants to go there again, her favorite place in the world. I guess I'm just looking for thoughts on either ship best for all of us!!!
  2. We are getting ready to book for a summer cruise to Alaska. We've sailed twice before on NCL and had UBP and Dining plan before. My mom was just talking with someone and they said it was more expensive to book with those "free" choices and to wait until 1st day on the ship to sign up for them. Anyone have any advice on that??
  3. JamieLogical…. I was looking at pictures on Priceline of the Joy. To me, it seemed like the front observation area/lounge was for either Haven or Concierge level. I took that to mean suites. If we have a regular balcony room, do you know if they have the front area avail?? I have only sailed on the Jewel and loved their lounge area in the front!!! Great windows, tons of seating, bar, etc.
  4. I guess one good question about scooters...how do they fit in your cabin?? While only sailing twice, have had a balcony room both times, one regular and one mini-suite. Can't imagine where it would park while in room? Any advice on that??
  5. We've only cruised via NCL and they have a wonderful kids club. Wondering if you have any information on kids club, especially for an 11 yr old, who is very grown up!!! Also any other tips to someone new to Holland??? We've sailed twice on NCL and enjoyed the "freestyle" cruising, anytime dining, etc. Thank you in advance!!! Michelle
  6. Do you have any idea on how to rent a scooter? Is that something you can have a travel agent do? Or can I do myself with cruise line? We usually book ourselves, but will consider other ideas for Mom!!!
  7. Thank you all for the wonderful information!!! My 1st cruise was booked through Vancouver and then we switched to Seattle. Mom was nervous about making connections, etc. My problem is dealing with limited vacation time, so trying to plan as little time off from work as possible and the cruise I was looking into leaves on a Monday. Think with my schedule, we should stick with Seattle. Again, Thank you for the great info!!! I appreciate any experiences you all can offer!!!!
  8. Hi all... We live in Washington state, but looking at a cruise to Alaska via Vancouver. Any experience from flying out of Vancouver after the ship docks?? Is an 11:30 flight to Seattle a stretch???? Trying to avoid the train to Seattle and timing would work for a flight home on the 11:30 flight out of Vancouver. Thank you all in advance!!! Michelle O
  9. We cruised the Jewel in 2015 in starboard balcony. From your comments above, would you say this is the best side for viewing new cities are you pull into/out of port? It was from our experience, but wanted to double check. My mom wants to go again, but getting older and may not do shore excursions this time, so want to make sure we've got the right side of ship balcony so if she sits on balcony while we do excursions, she can see the towns and what's going on, etc. Also, looking forward to reading you trip report, but from your comment about forward balcony...any thoughts for mom and walking to other locations on ship if in a forward cabin??? Thank you in advance!!! Michelle
  10. So excited for your trip report!!!! I have read and yes...read over again your previous trips!! Lucky enough, back in 2014 won via local radio station a trip...any where I wanted to go. We sailed NCL Jewel w/ daughter mom and I to Alaska. Yes, we saw and held puppies!!! Cruise bug hit HARD and sailed Jewel again in 2016 to Mexico w 14 family members to celebrate 80th birthday of my mom as well as 50th for me. Along the way there was a marriage proposal by my great nephew which was accepted and they are getting married in Sepptember!!! Next trip... the Pearl out of New Orleans spring break 2018 to western carribean!!! Can't wait to see where you go and do!! BTW... I live in Yakima!!! I know you live north of here, but what city exactly?? Love Wenatchee, Chelan area!!! Safe travels and Happy Anniversary wishes!!!!
  11. How far out do they allow you to book either one? We don't sail until April and not an option yet for excursions. Isn't that where you would book? Also, if anyone had a pool cabana, do you know how close to a rest room?
  12. We are flying into New Orleans the day before our cruise, which happens to be next Easter. Hotels and town seem to be very busy, so think I need to get hotel taken care of now!! Never been and wont have a whole lot of time but looking for suggestions for a great hotel that we might get to see a few things while there. Traveling with us will be our daughter (10) and my mom (81). Because of age, will probably taxi, etc to port regardless of how close hotel is. Thank you in advance!!!! Michelle
  13. I wish I had known about deck 8, I just booked both of those for our cruise next April. Is it bad enough, that you would recommend changing reservation?? My mom and I have always wanted to sail in an aft balcony and were so excited.
  14. So if booking a balcony going to glacier bay, is there one side better? Went to Sawyer in May 2015 and we enjoyed the whole afternoon on our balcony, but also know that as far as we got to see glacier, then the ship turned so both sides could see. Just wondering if you need to know which side to book. Thank you!!!
  15. Can you book with the $50 deposit and then at a later date change ships or dates??
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