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  1. I'm D+ so get the fast line for check-in. Can my non-Diamond traveling companions check in with me? Also, any tips for check-in at Vancouver since you have to go through customs?
  2. Been on her twice and love both cruises. She really has a great vibe - better than some of the larger ones in the fleet.
  3. That's a drag. That's one of the things I look forward to on a cruise.
  4. I've been on Majesty 3 times and Empress twice and I'd take Empress. It's a small and old ship, but it has a great vibe. I enjoyed myself much more than on E than on M.
  5. I'm on Empress now as well (we just docked in Havana) and concur with everything smc99 said. I talked to the hotel manager last night who told me that they lifted the entire top deck off and rebuilt it, but he did say that much of the work was done down in the crew area and wasn't obvious to the passengers. He also said that he thought that Empress was rushed out to sea too early after drydock, but also said that's what happened during the previous refurb as well, so there are a lot of loose ends left from that one as well. He lamented the fact that after all this time, RCL can't seem to get their drydock procedures together. Said the same happened to other ships recently, such as Navigator. That said, things are slowly but surely getting better each day as the crews make progress. I'm having a good time regardless of how it goes.
  6. As someone who always goes solo I have to say that I see this a lot. My TA can't explain it and neither can RCL but it does happen more than I'd like. Needless to say, I never book those cruises.
  7. There's no difference between the lounges except that the CL is usually smaller and less crowded.
  8. I just got off Freedom recently and I thought it was way better than the MDR. Same with previous on Jewel.
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