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  1. Thank you all so much for these tips and advice. I will take them all on board. Any more tips would be great.
  2. Thanks, I do hope you will update the thread when you have had the adventure!
  3. I need some help planning the above cruise, please. My husband and I will be 60 in 2020 and intend to do this as our first retirement trip. What is the best time of year to visit Australia and New Zealand. Which line has the most comprehensive itinerary of both places or is it best to do two with a land break between them? Which are the must see places that the average tourist may not know about? Any other useful information you think is relevant. I know these are quite subjective questions but any help/pointers/starting points anyone can give will be really welcome.
  4. I wonder why the cancellation policies are so different between the US and the UK? We lose the deposit if we cancel even the day after booking. That is why we book via a US TA.
  5. Thank you. I will re contact my TA and ask if she can check the policy after I have looked at open cabins. As you and VT say booking and cancelling may be the best option. I am in the UK but always book cruises via a US TA which is fortunate as we do not have the option to cancel here without losing the deposit in full.:mad:
  6. I have visited Dubrovnik many times and the city itself is very accessible. A lot of the pavements are a marble type stone which can become quite slippy when wet. The walls are reached by sets of stone steps which I think you may find difficult, they also get quite crowded in high season. Edit to add, we found the taxi drivers in Dubrovnik great and where the ships dock is a short walk to the bus station and taxi rank. Also, from the harbour, you can get a ferry across to Cavtat which is a lovely place.
  7. Sorry, maybe I have worded it badly. Currently, we are booking as a couple so our TA has been given options for cabins sleeping 2. I went back to her and asked if she could give us an option of a cabin which would sleep 3 if we wanted ( at a later date) to add our son onto the booking. My TA said that Celebrity would only allocate cabins sleeping the number of people on the booking as Edge was so popular. I can understand that and obviously, will have to accept it if it is correct. I was just enquiring if anyone on the boards had booked a cabin/been allocated a cabin which slept more people than they had on their booking.
  8. Thank you, we have done it previously without a problem ( I assume taking account of overall ship capacity at the time of the addition) but our TA says that due to the popularity of the Edge Celebrity are only opening up cabins which sleep two to couples/two people and not cabins which have sofa beds/extra bunks in them. I suppose it may be possible to change/upgrade at a later date, but I just wondered if anyone had booked a cabin on the Edge sleeping more than are currently booked into it. Our booking is for August 2019 so not inaugural or even in the first few months of sailing.
  9. I used the website which showed price drops last time we sailed but can't remember what it is now, can anyone help?
  10. Thanks, I am in the UK too and had the same problem. Any more menus that you can post would be welcome.
  11. We are about to book a cruise on Edge for August 2019. We may want to add another passenger if our son can get away, but our TA is saying that Celebrity will not allow to passengers to book a room sleeping more than initially book due to the popularity of Edge. Has anyone any experience of this?
  12. Will people not still sit out on the 'balcony' though just as they would on a normal one? There is an outside area isn't there?
  13. We are doing this trip in August 2019. Thanks for the review. Following with interest.
  14. So the arrival time you fill out on your edocs isn't binding then? Good news!
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