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  1. Did you check the muster station situation? We were on Royal one year and in adjoining cabins and our kids were on a different muster station to us and it could not be changed. Now, when we book that is the first question we ask but it always takes a long time to get an answer.
  2. We visit Venice quite often and we are sailing on the Constellation from there in August. This time we have booked an apartment just off Piazzale Roma for ease of embarkation. However, we have stayed in a lot of hotels in Venice over the years and would recommend the following: Hotel American Dinesen, Hotel Abbazia, Hotel Olympia, Pensione Wildner, Hotel Columbina. All of them are lovely but in different parts of Venice, it really depends on where you want to stay. For ease of getting to the port with luggage, the Olympia ( which is close to our apartment) is best placed as you can get a shuttle bus, taxi or use the people mover from the square behind the hotel. For restaurants where the locals eat I would get a copy of Chow Venice from Amazon as it has some great ideas. Hope this helps. Great ship review thanks mirnsd
  3. No, I think I am now fully in the picture!!😀😀😀
  4. We are doing this cruise too. There is a roll call set up but from what people have said it is difficult to find so here it is just in case anyone wants to join us: https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2626461-august-6-15-2019-constellation-9-night-venice-and-the-greek-isles/
  5. The relaxed ambience and the food. Did you never eat in there? There was a small cover charge but it was very reasonable. We always went there after we boarded.
  6. I am on Constellation in August....so maybe it is ship dependent?
  7. We always went there too straight after boarding. Our kids loved it, and so did we. We always saw a lot of crew officers eating there too
  8. It is several years since we sailed Celebrity and we really loved Bistro on 5 for lunch, but now it is Sushi on 5 which really doesn't appeal. Is it just us?
  9. We have sailed NCL and Celebrity back to back and for us Celebrity feels like a superior product in many ways. A little more upmarket, but, that said, if you are travelling with a larger family NCL is value for money.
  10. I received the email but when I logged into my planner there were no sale prices on any excursions or dining or anything else for that matter.
  11. I have seen the term 'button down shirt' mentioned here as the chic option for men. I am from Europe and although we do have those kinds of shirts (I am assuming you mean buttoned down collar?) they are not the norm ( or currently particularly fashionable) so they wouldn't necessarily be the choice of or an option open to European cruisers. On a chic night (if not now wearing a tux!) my DH will wear dress pants/shoes and a long sleeve shirt with a jacket and maybe a tie.
  12. I seem to have opened a can of worms with this question!
  13. For us, it is not about the cash, it is about the convenience of not having huge amounts of luggage to transport around Venice as we stay there pre-cruise. Unless you travel from the airport by private water taxi it also limits the hotels you can stay in. We have been there and done that and it is a real issue in that city (unlike most others) Ladies formal wear is not an issue but packing a tux is, as they do take up a lot of suitcase room if packed correctly.
  14. We have not sailed Celebrity since 2013, but we have sailed with RCI, MSC, NCL, Cunard, Princess and P&O and always taken formal wear with us. I do like to see an uplift in passenger attire for those evenings but we personally always 'dress for dinner' so it seems that we will not need to do anything more on the 'chic; evenings.
  15. Yes, they will allow extra bags, but as we are staying in Venice prior to the cruise we need to minimise luggage as it has to be carried on arrival and Venice is not the easiest place to navigate with excess luggage.
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