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  1. Great information, many thanks. We have just booked Encore for October 2020, but reading some of the reviews on the review section here did make me wonder if we had done the right thing! Your review has relieved my worries.
  2. I see, how does that work if you have a speciality restaurant booking? We board on our 39th Anniversary and are considering doing Murano for that first evening, how will that affect our table going forward?
  3. If you are wait listed for 'Select' so you currently have 'Assigned' dining ( which is what we are booked on for the first time!) are you assigned to the same table each night with the same people?
  4. I often browse that site but having just recently booked a cruise and got a great deal I thought I would look up the price on there. What a surprise that the headline prices and then their discounted price were nothing like what the cruise was advertised for. The supposed original prices appear to be artificially inflated to make their prices look great but when you know different because you have followed the cruise price it just seems very sharp practice.
  5. Is it? From a particular date before sailing or from booking?
  6. This is the case for us too. I know we can upgrade onboard but wondered if it could be done online as well.
  7. We will board Silhouette on our 39th Anniversary and much as the LPC appeals I wonder if the fact that we are missing from the first night 'get to know everyone' dinner table will be an issue?
  8. How do you do that upgrade before sailing?
  9. We have just tried to get a quote for a 3 berth cabin for the 1st August Med cruise and there is no availability...now, I am hoping that means they are trying to limit child numbers, but equally, it could mean they are all sold out and the ship will be awash with kids. Our adult son was thinking of sailing with us but he wasn't that bothered, so we are now wondering if we should book.
  10. We did the same thing several years ago with our extended family for MIL's 80th birthday and we went with NCL for the itinerary/overall price/package. Having usually cruised Celebrity or RCL we felt NCL was a little bit downmarket....a bit football shirt city in some places! Although we really enjoyed it because of the itinerary and entertainment I don't think we would do it again and would prefer to pay the extra.
  11. We have the same issue, we have $950 OBC and have spent $300 on an excursion but are not sure how we will spend the rest!
  12. Does anyone have a current Qsine menu please?
  13. Did you check the muster station situation? We were on Royal one year and in adjoining cabins and our kids were on a different muster station to us and it could not be changed. Now, when we book that is the first question we ask but it always takes a long time to get an answer.
  14. We visit Venice quite often and we are sailing on the Constellation from there in August. This time we have booked an apartment just off Piazzale Roma for ease of embarkation. However, we have stayed in a lot of hotels in Venice over the years and would recommend the following: Hotel American Dinesen, Hotel Abbazia, Hotel Olympia, Pensione Wildner, Hotel Columbina. All of them are lovely but in different parts of Venice, it really depends on where you want to stay. For ease of getting to the port with luggage, the Olympia ( which is close to our apartment) is best placed as you can get a shuttle bus, taxi or use the people mover from the square behind the hotel. For restaurants where the locals eat I would get a copy of Chow Venice from Amazon as it has some great ideas. Hope this helps. Great ship review thanks mirnsd
  15. No, I think I am now fully in the picture!!😀😀😀
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