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  1. Thanks for the info on Portofino. That was indeed the actual question I had meant to ask. I guess we will wait until we get there. I incorrectly put Positano in the title -- didn't see anyway to change it after error made. Appreciate the answer.
  2. Does anyone know how far from Positano Harbor the Star Pride anchors and if the tender goes directly into the harbor or to another location nearby Portofino? I was interested in possibly having dinner onshore and was wondering if there would be enough time to make the last tender. Many Thanks
  3. Out of curiosity, does Windstar no longer schedule a 'special event' for each of its cruises? Or was this something which was scheduled in the past for just a few specific cruises?
  4. Thank you Ski Mom 2. Really enjoyed your account of your fabulous B2B2B on Windstar. It was most informative as we choose our shore excursions on our latest booked Windstar cruise as well as plan hopefully for future adventures. Fair cruising in the years ahead!
  5. I just realized that you did not stop at Cadiz on your travels so please excuse my last question. I had mistakenly thought that you voyage mirrored our own Lisbon to Barcelona. Many thanks again for your Alhambra tour review. It sounded marvelous but we might have to consider other options.
  6. Thank you Ski Mom 2 So very glad to hear that you enjoyed your b2b2b... on Windstar so much. We have travelled on their Venice to Rome voyage & enjoyed it very much, and are now booked on a b2b Rome to Lisbon in the Spring. You have been extremely helpful in helping us determine if the Alhambra tour would be suitable for us. By any chance did you do their trip from out of the Cadiz port into Seville? I would be very interested in hearing how arduous that tour might be. Fair sailings in the future!
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