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  1. Does the pepperoni brand start with an E? :-)
  2. Thanks, Bill! This sign is a good start. I'm actually from Columbus, so maybe I can find the pepperoni :-) The cafe promenade was decorated with empty cans of "Full-Red" pizza sauce...could that be the pizza sauce they use? I'm going to keep trying to find out the brands for each item! We've been on two other Royal cruises, and the pizza was just okay. I don't know why it was so good on this cruise. Everyone seemed to love it.
  3. Just got back from our cruise on the Mariner, and we LOVED the Cafe Promenade pizza. I’d love to try to make it at home. Anyone out there know what brand of crust and sauce, type of cheese, etc? I should’ve asked while I was there.
  4. Can we save money by taking a taxi to the “Blue Lagoon” in Nassau vs paying for an excursion? Also, do you recommend the Blue Lagoon as a good beach day in Nassau?
  5. We are having trouble finding a returning flight for our booked cruise. The ship docks at Port Canaveral at 7am. The flight we're looking at is a 10:55am out of Orlando. I know it's pushing it (and that there's no guarantee), but wanted to hear your opinion on what you think the chances are that we could make it...or if any of you have made (or missed) any similar morning flights like this. Thanks everyone!
  6. Planning a cruise. Which one of these is your favorite, and why? Also, are there any you absolutely wouldn't recommend? Thanks! -Vision of the Seas -Navigator of the Seas -Mariner of the Seas -Majesty of the Seas -Enchantment of the Seas
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