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  1. Hello from Australia, Im hoping everyone is staying safe. We are gradually getting into a complete lock down. We have a family member who is a Intensive Care paramedic who has been tested and isolated twice. Very worrying. We are being positive that we will all recover from this terrible situation. We were travelling with friends doing land tours and cruising, they have not cruised before with Princess, we were all excited and doing a countdown for our June Alaskan cruise. We are disappointed that we had to cancel. We have now rebooked for 2021 after working through a nightmare of non refundable excursions, hotels and some flights. Fingers crossed it all works out. Please stay safe and health
  2. Davis2010, We ordered the lanyard, but wont use it. We will either have it in a pocket or a little purse I use that fits my phone . A lot of people have gone for a variety of items sports bands etc. So totally up to you. A lanyard will work because its around your neck, like the old cruise cards.
  3. You can choose what suits you best. Lanyard is free, the others you pay for.
  4. Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. I guess we will see what happens if the need arises for our whiskey drinkers.
  5. My apologies if this topic has been asked and answered , have looked but cant find it. If you have a drink package and want a drink that is more than the $12 maximum do you pay the difference between the two or the full cost of the dearer drink.
  6. Thank you so much Warthog2608. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
  7. Does anyone have a copy of the current Cocktail menu for Royal Princess or know how I can get one? Thanks in advance.
  8. Our cruise is for 7 days. We would have at least 2 glasses of wine each, I drink coffee would have 2 speciality ones a day, my husband only has juice plus bottled water. It works out to roughly $A26 per day each, 1 glass of wine is approx $A17. This also includes wifi which is approx $A14 a day. Hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. leck57 we were able to do this. The extra cost has been added to our booked cruise to Alaska, we also refared when i noted a price drop. We like a drink also, the cost worked out to be $A370 per couple for us. Your cost will depend on your fare. Hope you get a good deal.
  10. OzKiwiJJ, we were able to get the beverage and wifi package but not the gratuities at a really good price. We are wine and coffee drinkers so this suits us. We refared a couple of months ago when there was a price drop so that difference takes care of part of the gratuities.
  11. The interesting this about this sale is that it is on Princess Aust site and the prices are in Australian dollars. Our travel agent is looking into for us, fingers crossed 🤔🤔
  12. Thanks Fosters 1951, apparentley our cruise, which is to Alaska doesnt qualify for the Best Sale Ever benifits because no packages were "on sale" when we booked. It seems it doesnt always pay to book your cruise 12 months out. 🤔
  13. Thank you for the additional information, based on this it doesnt seem as though it will apply to us. Thanks again for the info 🤔
  14. Thank you. Will pass them on to our TA. Hope they work here . 🤗🤗
  15. Thanks for this information, we are trying to get this for our June cruise. We were wondering what code you used please. Thanks in advance Tricia.
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