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  1. Hello Everyone, There will be 5 of us sailing on the Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston TX in July 2020. This is our 2nd Time on the Liberty, but our 1st time out of Galveston. I have heard good and bad points about sailing out of Galveston. I have some questions though. Let me give you the back drop: a. 5 people (2 seniors) b. Flying into Hobby the night before c. We prefer to travel together (all ride in the same car) Galveston Questions: 1. Should we stay close to the airport the night before or should we go to Galveston Island? We would like to have something to do the night before...nothing adventurous, maybe a nice walk and dinner. We don't want to spend over $200 for a room per couple. What are your suggestions? Can you give us a few places we should look into? 2. If we stay close to the airport and decide to head to the port on embarkation day....is there a private service we could hire for about $120? or should we uber? Are there ubers that can carry 5 people or would we have to separate? How much? (We don't want to take shuttle from the airport to the port). 3. Tell me whatever you think I should know. Liberty Questions: 1. Do they have hibachi at Izumi? 2. Can Diamond Plus use the Concierge Lounge or just the Diamond Lounge? 3. Anything I should know? Its been awhile since we have been on her. Thank you all in advance.
  2. Hello all, We are scheduled to leave on cruise out of Galveston on July 12th. We are looking into flying into Hobby Airport on July 11th. We are going to get a hotel close to the port. Any Hotel suggestions (close to anything...restaurants, etc.). We will need transportation from the airport to our hotel in Galveston and then transportation from the hotel to the port on the day of the cruise. There will be 5 of us and prefer private shuttles. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance
  3. Have a wonderful cruise...we will be hopping on the Adventure when you return for a Back to Back. I will be following along closely. ENJOY!
  4. My family will be sailing on the Adventure of the Seas...on Back 2 Back. 1st Leg will sail on Dec. 1 and the 2nd Leg will sail on Dec. 7th. We have interesting travel, because we are visiting family in Florida before the cruise (Thanksgiving) and we are flying in at separate airports...etc. Therefore we have some questions: 1. How far is the drive from Miami Airport to Ft. Lauderdale (will have rental car) 2. How much is a taxi from Ft. Lauderdale airport to Ft. Lauderdale Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek? 3. How much for a taxi from Ft. Lauderdale Cruise Port to Miami Airport? Anything special we should know about the Adventure? We were on her in 2015. Thank you all for all your help.
  5. Wait...so let me be clear... It is $12.95 and you order anything? or is it $12.95 for Burger and Fries Only? I will be on Adventurer in a couple of weeks...so...any assistance is appreciated. Thanks
  6. Diamond Plus definitely gets one bag of laundry for free...I believe Diamond does or at least a deep discount.
  7. I believe that is the case for most RCC Ship casino's. I personally hope they don't stop smoking in the casino.
  8. Interesting....I was only on for 1 day though...but hell...I'd take 1 pt.
  9. Finally, someone who gets it. I'm a Diamond Plus...I love RCCL, and will continue to love RCCL...but quite frankly, from beginning to end (that seems to never come)...this has been a mess. We decided to get off the first night, because I didn't see the point in sitting on the ship until late the next day watching happy Carnival cruisers get on their ship and take off. Luckily, we are from DC, so we only had to drive home...and then off to Atlantic City the next day...I had to do something. But I have been on the phone with RCCL...only to be told that this is how it works, and there be no rhyme or reason. I tried to break down all they owed me ($116.82 spa, $72.50 Gratuities, etc.), and the rep. stopped me to say that's not how they recognize it. Its all one pot, but to pay back in increments of $29.72...well that's just insane. AND....to pay me my roommates money because the excel sheet popped up with my credit card and not hers is even MORE INSANE. I'm going to talk to someone about this. Its ridiculous.
  10. Casino Advertisement was the reason for the low fare... I agree the amounts don't add up...they are still making deposits. It seems I get something everyday...I have to check the various accounts. They still owe me. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with them and had everything spelled out. What I was owed, and what my roommate was owed, which credit cards were used, etc., but they explained, that's not how it goes. Everything downloads to Excel sheet. It doesn't matter that my roommate and I divided our amounts equally...I'm going to get most of the money back and she will get $72.50. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to give my roommate cash, when most of the money is being put on my credit card. I don't care how you slice this, its bat crazy.
  11. THAT is an understatment....thank you all for your input. I would like to complain...is there an email address of someone I could reach out too?
  12. I didn't have an agent....I'm just frustrated.
  13. I explained the breakdown...I'm not stressed about all my money getting to me, but I do have a problem with giving it to me piece mill on whatever card you pick. My credit card doesn't give refunds. What I used from my checking should go back to my checking. My husband used a gift card for his OBC.. Why should I have to do bookkeeping to follow their reimbursement practice. Very simply, pay me back what I paid you, on the card I paid you with and when you said that you would pay me.
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