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  1. I believe that is the case for most RCC Ship casino's. I personally hope they don't stop smoking in the casino.
  2. Interesting....I was only on for 1 day though...but hell...I'd take 1 pt.
  3. Finally, someone who gets it. I'm a Diamond Plus...I love RCCL, and will continue to love RCCL...but quite frankly, from beginning to end (that seems to never come)...this has been a mess. We decided to get off the first night, because I didn't see the point in sitting on the ship until late the next day watching happy Carnival cruisers get on their ship and take off. Luckily, we are from DC, so we only had to drive home...and then off to Atlantic City the next day...I had to do something. But I have been on the phone with RCCL...only to be told that this is how it works, and there be no rhyme or reason. I tried to break down all they owed me ($116.82 spa, $72.50 Gratuities, etc.), and the rep. stopped me to say that's not how they recognize it. Its all one pot, but to pay back in increments of $29.72...well that's just insane. AND....to pay me my roommates money because the excel sheet popped up with my credit card and not hers is even MORE INSANE. I'm going to talk to someone about this. Its ridiculous.
  4. Casino Advertisement was the reason for the low fare... I agree the amounts don't add up...they are still making deposits. It seems I get something everyday...I have to check the various accounts. They still owe me. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with them and had everything spelled out. What I was owed, and what my roommate was owed, which credit cards were used, etc., but they explained, that's not how it goes. Everything downloads to Excel sheet. It doesn't matter that my roommate and I divided our amounts equally...I'm going to get most of the money back and she will get $72.50. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to give my roommate cash, when most of the money is being put on my credit card. I don't care how you slice this, its bat crazy.
  5. THAT is an understatment....thank you all for your input. I would like to complain...is there an email address of someone I could reach out too?
  6. I didn't have an agent....I'm just frustrated.
  7. I explained the breakdown...I'm not stressed about all my money getting to me, but I do have a problem with giving it to me piece mill on whatever card you pick. My credit card doesn't give refunds. What I used from my checking should go back to my checking. My husband used a gift card for his OBC.. Why should I have to do bookkeeping to follow their reimbursement practice. Very simply, pay me back what I paid you, on the card I paid you with and when you said that you would pay me.
  8. Ok..so here is the backdrop: We were set to sail on the August 31, 2019 Grandeur 5 Day to Bermuda. Cruise was cancelled due to Propulsion issues (still disappointed, but I have a Back to Back coming at the end of November)...prior to leaving the ship, a notice and an announcement was made that all passengers would be refunded their money by Friday, September 6 on their original forms of payment My reimbursable amounts: $303.99 (Cruise Taxes and Fees) - Checkcard - Checking Account - Casino Advertisement $250.00 OBC (I added personally) - Checkcard - Checking Account $101.50 (Insurance and Gratuities - Checkcard - Checking Account $116.82 (Spa) - Checking Account I used my Capital One Credit Card for Set n Sail and presented it to the agent during check-in.... So. On Friday, Sept. 6th I received $116.82 to my credit card (wait, that should have went to the Checking). Then yesterday, I received $250 to my checking Today, I received 3 credits to my checking in the amounts of $12.62, $63.57 and $34.89. Today, I also received $202.00 to my Capital One Card... What in the per dee hell is going on? This is ridiculous. I called RCCL and asked them...not only are they reimbursing me piece mill (literally), they are also putting my roommates money in my account, but some of it will be on the Capital One card, and some in my checking. My roommate has only received $72.50 so far...what the what? I'm a bit perturbed.
  9. 😮😬 Thank you for the information.
  10. I may have missed this...but what ship are you on? And how does someone light up a joint at the pool, and noone (staff or cruisers) say anything? AND..you need to call security on the people next door. I am a smoker, but I follow the rules. I go where I'm allowed.
  11. I'm heading to Bermuda out of Baltimore on Saturday...I'm logistically ignorant, but...I think I'm pretty clear and free.
  12. May have to start the 2 luggage tags on each bag. Never had an issue, but why not stop one before it happens.
  13. One year, aa girlfriend cleaned out her purse at a rest area in route to Jersey for a cruise. When we got to the hotel, she was making sure everything was together and realized that the Set N Sail was in the papers she just through out about 100 miles ago. She freaked. We couldn't print them again, but as fate would have it, her mother had printed multiple copies...so "poop" happens.
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