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  1. Used the app for a last minute just booked on Britannia... 4 days and applied has to be a new record (impressed) --- unlike the  "my dining" which still seems to be crashed..


    Can you apply up to December? I have two before then and have been holding back thinking i needed to wait lol

  2. Latest Voting proxy has just dropped on my shares and says board recommendation for Carnival is to continue the benefit.


    This happens every year so why its a suprise or drama  is a little bizarre

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  3. Quick ? I use Interactive Investor for my share isa dealings and as we have a few P&O bookings coming up for the first time decided to add carnival.


    The thing Im curious about is that I only ever get a contract note on this platform and a  quarterly statement so how on earth do P&O actually know im still in possession or do they want portfolio screenshots which seem even less proof to me as they have no contract number attached.

  4. I had been watching the Greenland trip closely as its now dropped more than 60% on some rooms and even more if you take the savers and use the LVRPL100 discount.. Its also quite noticeable if you blind book that first sitting is still available even as an add on to the saver price. So im guessing capacity is low.


    I now have one early booked Azores trip next year booked but I'm seriously thinking of just loosing the deposit and re-booking it nearer the time.

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  5. Looking at how they have had to change the June 100£ offer to a new July 200£ offer (though that in reality only effects 2 cruises) even the sales are not having that much impact.. The pricing is wrong right from the start..


    If you take all the prices of the various scenic Scotlands original book price from the various ports for this summer the actual drop in price is an average of over 725£. Its actually  worse if you remove Southampton from the weighting as this was always sold a lot cheaper.


    The problem for Fred seems to be they want to look like there akin to Saga whilst offering older ships and whilsts Saga only sells Balconys and is fully inclusive with the odd tour and transport thrown in. Granted Fred has better Itinerary at times but whoever is coming up with the initial pricing model really needs to go back to the drawing board.. There now seems little point at all in booking early compared to how other Cruise lines model the pricing where its more of a risk.

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  6. On 5/4/2023 at 3:40 PM, Eglesbrech said:

    A very good deal. It could drop to a saver but these ones are usually pretty popular. Check how many cabins they have left of the ones you want

    My next Fred cruise has dropped by 33% in the sale and I’m not happy. Won’t be booking early ever again.

    Have to agree.. after several Fred cruises now I am getting sick to death of seeing them fail to fill any ship and not just drop savers by 2 - 3 hundred (which kind of was compensated for those who did book early as they either got equiv OBC or Drinks or other perks) .


    Problem now is the new norm regarding savers dropping in price is in the 500£ plus mark which says to me they are simply not pricing realistically in the first place and not filling enough rooms at the freedom prices or offers.



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  7. Im a bit confused by this as I have booked a cruise on Iona and a cruise on Aurora but both times it cames asking me (online bookings) for my account number (which I presume is my loyalty number).. But unless I'm misunderstanding it you dont get a number until 15 days cruising have been completed and then they do it atomatically.. It all seems a bit backwards.


    I am now just a bit concerned I need the number though as the Iona cruise is 14 or 15 nights and the Aurora 24 nights.


    Wouldnt it make more sense to have an account I can log into and see all my cruises like every other company before I sail. Or am I getting this completely wrong.. I have no mention of a (peninsula account I assume) number on the invoice (which the site seems to say I will have??) but I did fill out the join section weeks ago but nothing ever happened.

  8. its measured using google maps..We are dead on the 250 for portsmouth , less for southampton but over for Dover.. Being Over can add significantly though due to the route so clearly not as the crow flies.


    By the way never had a shared car yet strangely. Must be luck of the draw.

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