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  1. Terrific. We are on the Royal. First time Princess. But I take bad comments with a grain of salt. Have never had a bad cruise. Loyal royal Caribbean cruisers.
  2. I did the math and ends up for us about an extra $35 day pp for this promotion. For $35 per day I’m in for the drinks. I really don’t care about the internet but will be nice on an Alaskan cruise. Waiting to hear if her math shows the same thing. Just realizEd it doesn’t include the shipboard credit. That’s $200. If that’s the case it isn’t worth it.
  3. It’s exhausting how we keep having to refare to get current discounts. The agent with princess refared me and now there’s a $93 pp air fee that I didn’t have before. That negates the savings I got for refaring. I feel like I’m teaching her this stuff vs the other way around. What is that Fee. I’ve sent her a note but now I’m curious.
  4. I booked the tundra tour. What is the best time to depart. I picked nine but they said they leave as early as five
  5. Loved your review. We were on the same cruise on sep 26. Second time on anthem. Loved the cruise. Had never gone north and loved it. Friendliest people ever on a cruise. Would do it again but have to check some other things off our list. We are loyal RCL but have Alaska booked in June on Princess. Hope we adjust well to a different cruise line.
  6. Awesome pics. Yes the weather turned nasty as soon as we started moving. That was disappointing but oh well.
  7. Wow I guess our timing was good. We did the 9/26 sailing. Weather was stunning.
  8. Thank you for the tip. Already after booking there was a little better offer. So got refared already.
  9. Now you tell me! I loved the food on the adventure in 2006. Very sophisticated but I assumed that the food quality has gone down across the line so didn’t use that as a reason to book or not book. I too miss the promenade. Love that and the different ares on the harmony, my fav ship so far. But the nicer rooms and the solarium are why I think I chose the anthem.
  10. I succumbed and got the unlimited beverage package for anthem for nine day cruise at $48pp. An investment for sure. I keep second guessing myself as to whether it is worth it. Can you cancel it midweek while on the cruise for a prorated refund or is it once you start then you’re committed.
  11. I struggled between picking between Anthem and adventure but picked anthem as I thought adventure might be old and boring. We went on adventure Caribbean in 2006 and anthem to Bermuda and Caribbean a few years ago. I really wanted to do Quebec but we chose anthem and no Quebec. We leave Thursday from Bayonne. Have never done this itinerary. Maybe we will do her next time. We loved our trip in 2006. Thank you for the review.
  12. I booked it. Royal princess fa4 tour. Was tired of researching. I booked deck 10 516. Now I’m excited.
  13. I have never gotten a dime from my TA. So I just book direct now.
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