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  1. Our first cruise wasn't until I was 61. Both adult kids went on cruises before I did.
  2. My husband is also self employed, so hard to get him to go longer than 7 days anywhere.
  3. Five years ago today. 10/26/14 we went on our fist cruise for our 30th anniversary, Freedom to the Western Caribbean. And that started it. Since then we've been on Grandeur to Bermuda and the Bahamas and Radiance in Alaska. Have Grandeur booked for February 2021 to the Southern Caribbean. While we don't have as many points and status levels as many of you, hopefully retirement will remedy that. Happy Cruising!
  4. The first is a bald eagle with his/her nest in Hoonah and the second is orca whales swimming next to the ship leaving ISP. Both on our Alaska cruise this summer on the Radiance.
  5. Thank you for all the responses. You have given me a starting point to research more. Another question---If I book a cruise today for 2021, do I have time to add insurance? I would add within the next few days but want to research a little more.
  6. Question about travel insurance. In the three RC cruises we've taken, we have always taken the insurance that the cruise line offers. I see that other of you use Allianz. Can you give me your opinions of why one over the other? And we don't travel enough to make an annual plan worthwhile. I searched this forum unsuccessfully before asking. Thank you for your thoughts.
  7. Unobstructed. The ship isn't huge so nothing is too far. It was quiet. I don't remember outlets but they must have been adequate or I would have remembered. There is a small fridge. They balcony is fine for two people - two chairs and a small table. Lots of little cabinets around the mirrors and in the bathroom; plenty of storage.
  8. So glad you had a positive attitude with all the mishaps.
  9. I stayed in it July 2017. It was a regular cabin. Bed closer to the bathroom with foot of bed toward the aft. It was port side aft. No complaints. I have pictures posted on Facebook Royal Caribbean Cabins. What else do you want to know? I'll be glad to answer anything I remember.
  10. breezy_carol


    We took stamps with us and found mail boxes everywhere. We did go to the post office in Skagway, which was a distance from the port. I found this on the USPS website where you can locate the nearest collection box. I used that in ports to find a mail box. You can also use it to find post offices. collection box locator
  11. We were in Juneau this past August. While my husband and I did a bike tour, my son and DIL took a 10 person canoe to the glacier and walked on it and went into an ice cave. We were on the Radiance but my son booked this independently. I believe this is the tour that he took and they enjoyed it. Mendenhall Glacier Ice Adventure Tour
  12. We were on Radiance in August in Alaska and there were a kettle and mugs in our room and son's next door. We are not British, well except for many generations ago. We put them in the closet to free up space on the desk.
  13. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I didn't realize that.
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