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  1. We were on Radiance in August in Alaska and there were a kettle and mugs in our room and son's next door. We are not British, well except for many generations ago. We put them in the closet to free up space on the desk.
  2. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I didn't realize that.
  3. So I thought that I read here that the beds alternated next to balcony and next to bathroom in alternate cabins. We had 8140 on Radiance and son and DIL had 8138. Both had the bed next to the balcony, ours foot toward bow, son's foot toward stern. We didn't care but this did not go along with the alternate theory.
  4. Dodgestang. I can't help with your question but just had to say HI from Elkton. So rare to see another Cecil County person here. We went on the Radiance just last month.
  5. I had serious FOMO while planning our recent Alaska cruise. I had picked what husband and I wanted but then had second thoughts after reading what others were doing. Sometimes you just have to chose, know you can't do it all, know you'll enjoy what you picked, then stop reading these boards. LOL
  6. I just saw her on Marine Traffic south of the Bay Bridge near Kent Island.
  7. Great pictures. We just returned from SB Radiance 8/2-9. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Never been to Quest. No interest. I don't believe they had in on the August 2 Radiance sailing we just got off.
  9. Just got off. I liked the outdoor seating in Windjammer. Our balcony cabin had so much storage we didn't even use it all.
  10. On our very first cruise we did a mixture. Booked first port, Falmouth Jamaica, through Resort for a Day. It made us a little nervous as transportation was slow. Second port, Garnd Cayman, we booked a tour while on board Freedom. Third port, Cozumel, we got brave and took a taxi to Paradise Beach. On our next two cruises we also did a mix of booked excursions and explore on our own but did lots of research before hand. My advice -- Don't book every minute of every day. Take to time to relax and explore.
  11. This might be the same Gatewood Liquor I posted above.
  12. Excellent review! Pictures are great! Thank you for taking the time. We fly to Achorage in 2 days and board the southbound Radiance on Friday. We are also renting a car in Vancouver and driving to Seattle before flying Southwest to Maryland. I want to see Chihuly while on the west coast. We also have the NPS passport and have it ready to pack. We have a ranger tour booked in Skagway. Thanks for the info about getting to the cemetary and waterfalls.
  13. Geovet, thanks for the great links.
  14. Looking forward to hearing all the good things about your trip. We get on Friday in Seward.
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