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  1. Lets say that cruise lines are cleared to operate Jan 1, 2021 (you pick the date) but the ships are nearly empty as many have lift and shifted. Does Celebrity count their blessings and say no need for capacity control measures or do they offer a "fire sale" to quickly sell cabins to whatever level they deem appropriate? I just know Ive moved several reservations as have others and obviously that vacates those cabins . Perhaps thats why I still see Celebrity selling cabins for this year even though likelihood of sailing are getting slimmer by the day.
  2. Its looking more and more that only a vetted vaccine is going to restart (save) the cruising industry.
  3. I'm surprised by the number of hopefuls wishing their cruise will sail this year but also by the feeling that, oh well , will just lift and shift to 2021. As each successive cruise gets cancelled that puts more demand on cabins for next year and 2022. So makes sense prices would rise and I'm also skeptical that cruise lines are not selling cabins to reduce capacity but as i always point out, ONLY TIME WILL TELL .
  4. YES , nice deal with the caveat that she sails as scheduled, I'd venture to guess a 50/50 chance but I'm horrible at guessing. I hope she does and you all have a wonderful cruise experience.
  5. We were informed that our offer was only good for a certain time period and that period had elapsed so could not apply offer towards a new cruise. We were able to take our "free cruise" towards a new booking so it worked out unless that new booking gets cancelled too,,,,sheesh.
  6. A prudent decision no doubt to keep cruisers interested in booking new reservations and keeping money in cruise line coffers. I wouldnt be surprised as each month is cancelled to cruising they extend lift and shift accordingly.
  7. I agree no more cruises from Florida for 2020. I think first quarter 2021 is in jeopardy too.
  8. How many private islands can Royal buy, lol ? Yes I have long given up hope for cruising 2020, the more dire question is will they restart in 2021??
  9. I think CDC controls the U.S. ports so without the ports being open we cant sail even if we wanted to take the risk. I personally dont see any major cruise lines operating out of U.S. ports for remainder of 2020.
  10. The decision is easy if cruises fail to sail, in that case NO ONE gets picked or denied. My kids recently flew on AA and were told middle seats were being blocked due to Covid. Low and behold the flight was packed , round trip, and this weekend airline comes out and states no longer blocking middle seats so I guess someone didnt get the message about a month ago. It will be interesting to see what cruise lines do as will be very difficult to turn away paying passengers, esp if I'm eenie, meenie, miney or MO !!
  11. CCL's credit rating cut to junk, money is going to get real tight with all the lines. Ratings agency Standard & Poor's on Tuesday downgraded bonds of Carnival Corp(CCL) to junk status, forecasting continued weak demand for the cruise industry hammered by the COVID-19 pandemic. As virus infections climbed, travel-linked stocks were sold off heavily, led by cruise liners. Carnival (CCL) slumped 11% after S&P slashed its credit rating down three notches to junk on concerns over an extended period of weak demand. Its peers Norwegian Cruise Line(NCLH) and Royal Caribbean Cruises(RCL) also shed over 11%.
  12. According to financial filings, Royal Caribbean had planned to shift one of its Royal Caribbean Interntional ships, the Grandeur of the Seas, to Pullmantur in the second quarter of 2021. Good question, maybe will rejoin RCI's fleet.
  13. ok,,thanks,,,will keep checking
  14. Is it just me or are cabin prices high for upcoming year(s). I dont know if its due to all the cancellations but pricing tiers seem to be double from past years. I suppose based on supply and demand but must be a lot of pent up demand. Happy cruising all,,,hope we can afford it .
  15. Yes,,sorry,,,preliminary report had some erroneous figures. But "cash burn" remains a significant issue. Carnival Swings to Quarterly Loss as Revenue Plummets Even as 2021 Cruise Bookings Improve MT NEWSWIRES 7:26 AM ET 6/18/2020 08:26 AM EDT, 06/18/2020 (MT Newswires) -- Carnival (CCL, CUK) swung to a sharper-than-expected second-quarter loss while revenue plunged as ships halted sailings because of the COVID-19 pandemic, though the cruise line said it's seeing bookings pick up for next year. The Miami-based company reported a preliminary adjusted net loss of $3.30 a share in the three months through May 31, steeper than the consensus on Capital IQ for a loss of $1.76 a share. A year earlier, the company made $0.66 in earnings per share. Revenue dropped to $700 million compared with $4.8 billion in the second quarter of 2019, while the Street was expecting $737.8 million
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