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  1. I have one and am bringing it. I haven't seen any restrictions.
  2. I used them and learned the same thing but I was able to get a full refund, lesson learned.
  3. Thanks for the advice. But my question was does anyone know of any way to buy reduced gift cards like AARP use to have?
  4. I know AARP use to sell RC gift cards for a reduced price. I understand they no longer do. Does anywhere else. I'm looking for a reduced price to apply to my OBC. Any help is appreciated.
  5. "Bus stop area" that's a new one on me. Where is that located?
  6. Anyone have info on Cabin 6248 Solo obstructed balcony?
  7. The set sail pass that shows up on the app does what? Is it like the old plastic cards you used to get? Can it lock your cabin by just scanning? Buy things on the ship?
  8. Dumb question. Reading thru the boards, is it necessary to buy those plastic tags to put your folded paper tag in? Can i just use Packing tape and make it very secure and attach a zip tie to my luggage handle?
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