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  1. I love the towel animals too. You're right, the extra little things really make it a unique and fun experience.
  2. LOL. Thank you so much for your kind words, vicd1969. Thanks for the tip about CrewNews, I'm going to check out his stuff! I like reading cruise reviews even more than I like writing them! And I definitely plan on many future cruises on HAL. So far, one to Alaska planned for next summer.
  3. I agree with you on Tamarind - it's one of the best specialty restaurants on any line, IMO.
  4. I completely agree. I love the calm, relaxed vibe.
  5. I don't care what you call it - if there's a deck to be found, I'm on it! LOL. Seems we have that in common!
  6. Well shoot, sorry about that. I'll see if I can get to the bottom of it.
  7. Sorry about the photos blocking text - must be the browser you're using. While I do like ATK, it seems we agree on the crew and itineraries. They really are the best!
  8. That's a great tip about the aft deck. On embarkation day on my last cruise, while the Lido buffet was packed inside, I was literally the only person eating outside on the aft deck. It was a bit chilly in Seattle, mind you, but such a nice quiet spot with fresh air and a great view.
  9. That's so disappointing. I would definitely book one of the older ships with the traditional promenade deck if given a choice. Will be very sad to see them gradually disappear 😞
  10. LOVE the promenade decks. Please don't abandon them, HAL!
  11. I just returned from my shortest ever cruise aboard the Eurodam. And while I wish it had been longer, it served to remind me of all the things I love about Holland America - things that really set it apart from other lines. I jotted down my top 20 things here. https://profcruise.com/20-things-i-love-about-holland-america/ Anything you disagree with or that I missed? What are your favorites? Booking my next HAL sailing for next summer and already counting down the days!
  12. Thanks for providing these updates - that sounds like a fabulous b2b! I really liked the 3 cheese ziti too!
  13. We love Paradise Beach. They have more pricing options, so it can be less expensive than an all-inclusive if you don't plan on eating and drinking a ton. Here's a full review I wrote with lots of info and pics. https://profcruise.com/paradise-beach-in-cozumel-does-it-live-up-to-the-hype/
  14. Here are all the recent menus from the Bliss, if these would help anyone: https://profcruise.com/ncl-menus/
  15. Here's my review of a standard balcony cabin on the Bliss with a tour and a bunch of pics, if that helps: https://profcruise.com/bliss-balcony-cabin-review/
  16. I was so happy to read your latest review of the Breakaway. We've sailed on her twice and had a great time. We've also been to each of these ports, so it's fun to see what you did at them. I'm so sorry to hear of your medical challenges - how stressful! Thinking about you and sending out positive, healing vibes. Here's my review of the Breakaway, if anyone wants another one to read (not as good as yours, but better than nothing, I guess): https://profcruise.com/norwegian-breakaway-ship-review/ Thanks again for taking the time to write these detailed reviews. I always enjoy them!
  17. Loving your review! As a vegetarian I agree with you about the veggie burger at O'Sheehan's - they should add them to the menu. And I was also disappointed in no veggie sausage on the menu in the dining room like on Holland America. And I'm also a huge fan of the Asian section on the buffet! I'm not sure if you're a vegetarian (I may have missed that), but for anyone else who is vegetarian or vegan and booked on NCL, I have a guide posted to my blog with menus, veggie food pics, and tips if it might help anyone. https://profcruise.com/complete-guide-to-eating-vegan-or-vegetarian-on-ncl/ Thanks again for the comprehensive and helpful review. I'm following!
  18. We were on a b2b on the Millennium to Alaska just a few weeks before you, so it's been really fun to compare experiences. Thanks for such a detailed review. What an amazing trip. I visited Japan as an exchange student many years ago and have always wanted to go back. Someday! Here's my photo review of the Millennium if anyone booked on her wants another one to read. https://profcruise.com/celebrity-millennium-review-and-ship-tour/
  19. You might find the guide to b2b cruising I have on my blog helpful. It includes a play-by-play of our recent b2b on the Millennium. Depending on your ship and itinerary, it may be slightly different for you, but this will give you a sense of what to expect. Congrats on your first b2b - it's the best! https://profcruise.com/prof-cruises-complete-guide-to-b2b-cruising/
  20. I just returned from the Millennium and stayed in one of the newly added inside staterooms. I posted a review of the post revolution staterooms and the overall ship on my blog, if anyone is interested. Beautiful ship! Cabin review and tour: https://profcruise.com/inside-cabins-on-the-millennium/ Ship review and tour: https://profcruise.com/celebrity-millennium-review-and-ship-tour/
  21. I've cruised on many other lines (including many on NCL) and just tried Celebrity for a 14 day brb a few weeks ago. I jotted down some of my initial impressions of Celebrity. You might find it helpful. Overall, while there are a few things I think NCL does better, I loved Celebrity and she's my new favorite (at least for now). Give it a try! https://profcruise.com/prof-cruises-first-impressions-of-celebrity/
  22. Here are all the recent menus from the Millennium, if these might be helpful in getting an idea. https://profcruise.com/celebrity-menus/
  23. Okay, made it to the end of the review finally. One of the best I've read. It was especially fun for someone who lives in Seattle and who sailed on the Bliss to Alaska just a few weeks before you did. It looks like you made the most of this experience. You mentioned that you were interested in maybe trying Celebrity. I just returned from my first Celebrity sailing. I would definitely recommend giving it a try (especially if you're sick of the food on NCL, which I generally like, but change is good). Here are some of my initial impressions of Celebrity you might find helpful in deciding. Thanks again for the fantastic review! https://profcruise.com/prof-cruises-first-impressions-of-celebrity/
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