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  1. We were on the Legend in October for a Panama Canal transit. We had a great time on the ship.
  2. Do you want a personalized tour? Would you be interested to know Cartagena with my company? Contact me on my networks: https://www.facebook.com/karmencartagenaplus https://www.instagram.com/karmencartagena https://www.tripadvisor.co/Profile/karmencartagena Email: karmenfreile@gmail.com
  3. In Closing The Carnival Legend has been around since 2002. Like any ship, it has signs of age. There were rusty areas visible. Carnival has done a great job of keeping it in Great shape though. The additions made to the ship since we were on the Alaska cruise have been very positive. I would be happy to sail her again! Jen, the Cruise Director, has a lot of energy and keeps everyone going. The Fun Squad were all wonderful. I give a lot of credit to them. Cristina, Nicky, Gerry, Chelsea, Erick, Oscar, and Stephanie were entertaining and enthusiastic. All of the musicians were great, save one. I was very impressed by the live entertainment we had on the ship, except for the Piano Bar entertainer. He was, in my opinion, not a good PBE by any means. I stopped in a few times to a small crowd. I passed by once and he was the only one in the piano bar. Carnival has done a great job of hiring musicians that are talented, and personable. The entertainment staff are friendly and fun to be around. We met a lot of crew members that were pleasant to be around. Many of them would remember your name the next time you see them. The photography staff did a great job. They were friendly and pleasant. The housekeeping crew worked very hard to keep the ship clean. Mary Lace is a prime example of someone who works hard, but takes the time to get to know passengers. I was watching her sweep the floor, even though there were no large crumbs present. After that she was wiping down the handrails. Then she was doing something else. I observed a multitude of the housekeeping crew working hard to keep the ship clean. The food on the Lido deck was very good. I did not have anything up there that was not delicious and well prepared. The food preparation staff at the buffet did a fantastic job. The servers did their job with a smile and hello. The Main Dining Room staff and crew were wonderful The staff were friendly and open to conversation. Our crew was one of the best crews we have ever had on a ship. The food was delicious, except for one meal I ordered. It was overly salty (considering we do not cook with salt) for me. Rocky immediately took care of it and replaced it with something else from the menu. The entire crew worked hard to take care of the passengers. More than once did I observe the staff working to help the crew when things were getting backed up. Kudos to everyone in the MDR. Rocky, Minguel, and Pracha were friendly, and efficient. They made us feel like family. They also had a great sense of humor and made our trip. They also worked hard in the Lido buffet during the day, and they would ask us if we needed anything. They went and picked up drinks, if we were out. I miss them. We went on three excursions while cruising. The excursion in Cabo was nice. Everything went smooth. The excursion in Costa Rica was not that good. We went to the river to see crocodiles. That part was great. We were able to see the countryside while on the bus. The refreshments at the crocodile tour were great. The bananas and pineapple were absolutely the best I have ever had. I was totally disappointed with the train trip. It sounded like the trip would take you through plantations. Unfortunately, it took us through a poverty filled area of squatters. The people would wave at us as we passed and seemed to be happy. It was not what I was expecting was the problem. The excursion in Santa Marta was great. We had a great time at the beach. The food was good, and the people were friendly. It was a nice relaxing day. We lucked out in Cartagena. C spotted Karmel when we approached the tour buses. She was a great tour guide, and only having the four of us on the tour allowed her to give us a more in-depth tour. She was able to do a few extra things we asked for. Cartagena is a beautiful city and one should see it. The Panama Canal was the highlight of the trip. It is an amazing feat. Granted the passing is more like a river cruise, than an ocean cruise, it was a beautiful way to see it. The canal workers have the process down to a fine art. As we were passing they enjoyed seeing us as much as we enjoyed seeing them.
  4. The cruise was over. We were in Tampa, Florida. The skies were clear and the ship was docked. I went to the Lido for a quick snack and to take a few photos. We headed down to the MDR to await our departure. Disembarkation was easy. As we were disembarking, we ran across Karmila who was helping a passenger disembark. It was nice to say goodbye to her. We saw several other crew members in customs waiting to catch their flights. After customs, we got on a but to the airport. We were dropped off about 10:00 AM. Our flights were not until after 2:00. We were able to check-in and head to the our gate. We stopped in the Delta Sky-Club to wait. They had free beverages and lunch. It was nice to sit in a comfortable chair while waiting. I got onto a social media site and found out that an EF-2 tornado passed through the city while we were on the cruise. I was not sure how close it was to the house. It added to the anxiety of getting home. The flights were smooth and we arrived in NWA ahead of schedule. I was not sure if the car had been damaged by the storm or not. It appeared to be fine, even though the tornado missed the airport by a few hundred yards. Our house was fine, and we had made it home. The next day was a struggle, as it was my first day back to work. By the time we got back, we both were suffering from bronchitis, and were not feeling well. There was an empty spot where BK worked. He and I were close and I took it hard.
  5. The 50's Crew Connection Show was about to start. Crew Elvis Impersonations Mary Rose, the photographer, was the winner Next up is the Passenger Glee Club Great voice. Jackie led the Glee Club Reiss and a passenger Andrea was next with her passenger Kimberley was next up Jen was next Jordan was up Best move of the show Jacob was last up.. The dancers It was getting near the end of our last day on the ship. Emerald Trio was performing in the atrium Rocía Cecelia Miguel Cecelia always had a serious face when playing She is a great barmaid The MDR staff Marius is the Maître D. Sanita, and Ciprian were the assistants. Our MDR crew. They were one of the best crews ever. The Red Frog Pub bar staff. Tonight's Red Frog Bar show was going to be a little different Hot Shots! Started off playing. Pheona Emerald Trio joined in for a set. The next set included Musical Nomads. Oliver was on drums. Lucas singing it up After they were finished playing for the night, we headed back to the cabin to get a good night's sleep. We had a long day tomorrow heading back to NWA.
  6. Sea Day #7 Today was a bright and sunny day. The Gulf of Mexico was calm. Today is the last day of the cruise. My voice was still gone. I was not going to let it stop me from having a fun day. Breakfast was at the Lido deck today. The Lido had been invaded with towel animals! After we returned, we had our last visitor in the cabin. I took some time to walk around the ship and take a few photos The coffee bar Maria was very nice to us all trip. The hairy chest contest was held today The winner. The Clue game reveal was today Not the killer Not the killer Also not the killer. The guys were innocent. One of these three girls was the killer. Was not innocent, but was not the killer, either. Poisoned right before stating who the killer was... Innocent? Yes she was innocent… The killer is trying to escape I was correct. Scarlett did it! Bingo was next in the theater.
  7. After dinner, we headed to the theater for Epic Rock! We got decent seats for the show. Paolo entertained us with a guitar solo before the show began Epic Rock Begins! Jennifer had to take the role Kayla had. Reiss enters the stage Reiss and the shadows Jen and Jacob Andrea Jordan Jackie-Ross Kimberley swinging on a rope. Andrea as a shuttlecock? Great effects. Welcome to the Machine? The cast members were all really great people. Left to right: Reiss, Jen, Jackie, Andrea, Kimberley, Jacob, and Jordan After the show, C headed back to the cabin. W went to the Red Frog Pub to listen to Hot Shots! Tonight was another time change as we went into Eastern time as we started the trip to Tampa.
  8. Grand Cayman Our cruise was closing in on the end. Today will be the last port of the trip. My voice was completely gone. C loved it! We were pulling into Grand Cayman. It looked like another beautiful day. Knock on wood, but, it seemed like nearly every day had decent weather. We did not see that much rain, except in the night time. The Island Princess was already anchored when we arrived. We had absolutely nothing planned for the day. J and J have not been to Grand Cayman. We have been several times now. Priority tenders were already going, therefore, we went to the Lido for breakfast. We met up with J and J to head to the port. Tenders were now first-come-first-served. We caught a tender and headed to Grand Cayman. The Carnival Legend The photographers at work. The Carnival Legend and Island Princess Police controlled the streets. He kept everyone in line. We did not stay too long before heading back to the ship. Snorkelers We had a visitor waiting for us. Since we were back on ship early, we decided it would be a good day to start packing. If we pack up most everything we will not need for the rest of the trip, we could enjoy the activities during the sea day tomorrow. I did the Green Monster slide. You load into the chute. The operator pushes the button. At some point, the bottom drops out…. The last face I might ever see!!! Five seconds of an exciting slide later and you appear at the end… I will live to see another day! The view from the top of the Green Monster. It took several minutes to raise the anchor. The Island Princess is about to leave. Oliver entertaining us in the Atrium. We headed to the MDR for dinner as usual. It was not as entertaining as the night before. We did not have rubber chickens for dinner.
  9. Sea Day #6 We awoke to another beautiful day in the Caribbean. It was a little cloudy. My voice this morning was not good. It was going out. The seas were smooth and it was another relaxing day. We headed to the Lido for breakfast. Jenniffer fixed our eggs very well as usual. We ran into one of our MDR crew. We had another visitor waiting for us after breakfast. I missed a major part of the Clue game this morning. I had figured out, who did it, and with what. I missed the where. Today was the day to talk to the suspects and get the final clues. Guy's burgers Blue Iguana Groove for St. Jude sales were started. All proceeds went to St. Jude. Steph selling shirts. Jen pushing the build-a-bear. Build-a-Bears Grooving for St. Jude. By this point in the day, my voice was completely gone. I could hardly speak when I placed my donation to the cause. I headed back to the cabin. There were two things happening at the same time. Win-a-cruise Bingo was going on. C had to go to it. I had a special event for those that participate in the VIP Studio show. We would meet the cast and have a chance to ask questions. Jacob, Kimberley, Jordan, Jackie-Ross, Jennifer, Reiss Kimberley getting animated Andrea was a late arrival. She was working with a passenger for the show on Saturday. Tonight was the Platinum/Diamond party. We met in the Follies Theater for hors d'oeuvres and drinks before dinner. We arrived a little late and had to sit toward the rear of the theater. The ship's executive officers were introduced. The passenger with the most days on a ship was introduced. Youngest Diamond passenger We were planning on dressing up for Halloween. I was going to be Groucho Marx as a doctor. C was going to be a waitress. We had a plate set up for her to serve at dinner. Unfortunately, we were not able to dress up. C really needed the rest, despite wanting to do it. Instead, we decided to surprise our MDR staff with the meal. It turned out to be a hit. Another fantastic meal in the MDR Rocky sees the new dish. Ciprian got a laugh out of it. He kept coming back to look at it. Sandy was going to serve shots and rubber chicken The chicken was a little difficult to cut. Minguel sees it. Ciprian just could not get enough of it! Pracha finally sees it. She had to get a sample! Showtime! Our cabin steward loved it. After dinner, we were trying to decide what to do. Consuela Ivy was the entertainment tonight. We were not feeling like doing a lot. I wound up at the Red Frog Pub listening to Hot Shots!
  10. Tonight is the Playlist show 'The Brits'. The show is a good one. We headed back to the MDR for dinner and dancing. After dinner, C and I relaxed a bit in the cabin before C retired for the night. I headed down to the show. Chelsea, Steph, and Jen Jen introducing the show. Let the show begin. Jen stepped into the lead role when Kayla had to leave the ship for a wedding. (It was not hers) Reiss was the lead male. After the show was over, the Lido party of the trip was about to begin. It was the 80's Rock'n'Glow Party. Cruises in October also celebrated Halloween. People were going to be dressed up tonight. I went to check on C. She was out like a light. Erick is ready to party! Oscar getting pumped up! Cristine as Mario Oscar and son Gerry Smile Chelsea Nice shoes The Hot Shots! Closed the Lido tonight. There was a lot of dancing, and celebrating tonight. I was having a very good time tonight. When I got back to the cabin, C was still out. She did wake up long enough to ask about the party. It was time to call it a night. Tomorrow was another sea day.
  11. Santa Marta, Colombia Today is our second day in a row visiting Colombia, a country we have never been to. Yesterday's city tour was neat and everything, but today was going to be a busy day. The evening had two major activities to take in. A relaxing day at the beach sounds like a plan. We had a fairly early meeting time for the tour. We got up and watched the Legend enter the port. The port was definitely an industrial port and not configured for tourism. We grabbed a snack on the Lido before meeting for the beach tour. The tour took us from the north end of Santa Marta to the south side of the city. We went to Zuana Beach Resort for the day. C was tired and I was not exactly energetic. Eduardo was our guide and he gave us a quick tour of the city as we headed to the resort. He was also going to be our interpreter for the day. We arrived at the resort and found a place to sit in the shade. We were only eleven degrees north of the equator. The sun was quite high in the sky. Sitting in a lounge chair taking in the sights. Part of the time, I watched the back of my eyelids. Time for a dip! Very mountainous terrain. The resort in the background. The water was nice. One of several bars available for your pleasure. Our shade tree Eduardo It was time for lunch. We headed over to the buffet set up for the day cruisers. They had an auditorium available to sit in while we ate. After lunch, we decided to check out the pool. They had a nice pool area. There was a short slide into the pool. New trainees, I presume. C took a dip. Yeah, that is me entering the water. After a few hours in the pool, we had to gather up our stuff to get ready to head back to the Liberty. Tanker working its way into the port. Santa Marta is very beautiful. Very high mountains nearby. Passengers returning to the ship. Tour buses getting ready to leave The area is normally very arid. We caught Santa Marta at a great time. Everything was green from recent rains. Taking a dip in the pool. Very dry island. Rain coming. Santa Marta The beach is a little lacking here. Looking south. Isla del Morro Rain was coming in. There was an issue with the Green Monster slide. The lighting was perfect Serenity deck on the Legend Waiting for sunset. Old motel. It has seen its best days Leaving Colombia Pilot leaving the ship. Pilot waving goodbye to the captain. Almost back in the sea.
  12. We found the taxi stand and headed toward it. There were tour guides waiting there to hawk passengers that wanted a tour. C went up to one. It was $20 per person for the tour of the city. They would put ten to twelve people in the cab. We talked to her and negotiated a private tour for the four of us for $200. She agreed to the price. We were in for a treat! After I headed back to the ship to pick up the fare, we headed out on the tour. Karmen was our guide and David drove the bus. The tour took us through the city on the way to the convent on the top of the hill. During the ride, Karmen told us all about her city and answered questions we had. We made it to the top of the hill and the convent. There were hawkers out trying to sell their wares. All we had to do was say "No". This guy let us take his photo. Before I knew it, it was 5000 pesos. I was fine with that. That was about $3.00 He took our photo, too. We went into the convent. It was well worth it. View of the harbor from the convent. Karmen and C with Castillogrande in the background. Inside the convent. The chapel Ciénaga de Tesca View of Institución Educativa Loma del Peyé - Fundación Pies Descalzos de Shakira from the convent. Next stop on the tour was Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. Karmen and I walked around the fort while the others waited in the bus. The statue of Blas de Lezo, hero of the defense of Cartagena in 1741. He has one eye, hand and leg. Karmen having fun. She was a great tour guide. The colors of the Colombian flag. Yellow symbolizes sovereignty and justice, blue as loyalty and vigilance, and red represents the valor shown and the victory achieved during the battles for independence from Spain. Last view of the fort. The next stop on the tour was the Emerald Museum. It was located inside the Caribe Jewelry store. Jessica was a good guide through the museum. She took her time to explain stuff and answer questions Miner looking for emeralds. After the emerald museum, we went to a marketplace to shop for a few minutes. Onward to the Walled City. Our tour bus. Karmen posing at Simon Bolivar's home Cartagena Cathedral. Sir Francis Drake's house. Santa Catalina Cathedral (White building on the left) Sun Dial Plaza De La Proclamación Símon Bolivar Plaza Símon Bolivar A horse with one leg up means the rider died of wounds from a battle A horse with two legs up means the rider died during battle. Miss Colombia tribute Plaza De La Aduana La Heroica De Cartagena Christopher Columbus On top of the wall around the city. On top of the wall. And the tour is now over. David drove us back to the port. During the ride back, Karmen answered any questions we had about the tour. We gave her a bonus for such a personalized tour. After saying our goodbyes and getting her contact information, we headed back to the shop to look around. The Carnival Legend A visitor awaits. A tour bus returns An interesting note about the defense of Cartagena. The Carnival Legend headed out of the port we headed South to go around Tierra Bomba Island. After going around the island, we headed northeast toward Santa Marta. The ship cannot negotiate the water between Castillogrande and Tierra Bomba Island. The seas were filled in with rocks to a level just below the surface. This prevented enemy ships from passing between the island and the mainland. We had a great time on the tour. It exceeded our expectations. I don't think we could have received the personalized tour we received from Karmen, if we were on a bus with six to eight other passengers. After another fine meal in the MDR, we went to the comedy club to see Arvin Mitchell. The club was standing room only when we got there. After a few minutes, we decided to leave the club. The variety show was The Edge. He is a juggler. We saw him when we were on the Sunshine. We passed on the show. I listened to Musical Nomads in the Red Frog Pub for a while. It had been a long day, and we had another port tomorrow, so I retired for the evening.
  13. Cartagena, Colombia Today is the first day of our Caribbean cruise! The first thing I noticed about being in the Caribbean is the increase in HUMIDITY. It really was not any hotter, but it was definitely more humid. We were able to sleep in a little longer than yesterday. I wanted to get up to watch the entrance into Cartagena. We entered the city coming around the south end of Tierra Bomba Island turning north toward Cartagena. Castillogrande Entering Cartagena This was interesting. Low flying pelicans The Silver Explorer was in port with us. Convent of Santa Cruz de la Popa We did not have any real plans for Cartagena. I wanted to see the city, but we never saw a tour that fit our needs. We were going to ad-lib the day. After docking, we grabbed a light breakfast, before heading ashore. We were going to purchase a few trinkets in port and then see about getting a cab to take us to the Walled City. We were in for a surprise today. Dancers were outside the shops. We came across flamingos… peacocks… ducks… Iguanas… And many more birds… An anteater…
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