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  1. The weekly charge was $249 in the past to buy in advance of the cruise. It was sold out most of the time.
  2. Ocean blue their seafood is fantastic.I can make a meal out of their bread selection.
  3. I think the cruise ships will not sail until Aug or Sept.Their are too many problems beside the virus that will prevent them from sailing any time soon.
  4. The race track is open late in the day on port days and not at all if weather is bad. They also base it on reservations to decide hours of operation.
  5. Last year i cruised 5 times on NCL i am close to platinum plus. If they cancel the program they would loose the loyal repeat cruiser.
  6. Refunds are backed up because of volume of request.You can check on the status of your extra purchases on your cruise by checking my NCL my cruise vacation. It will show that your add on purchases are no longer listed.
  7. I believe NCL will not cancel June or July cruises till final payments are made for existing cruises booked months ago.Their are a lot of people who think this will be over by than.They also see prices from NCL for the same cruises are now listed for a lot more money than they paid. The cruise ships have been labeled the worst case for anyone trying to avoid getting the virus.Lets be honest every thing we read should tell us this not going away any time soon.
  8. I would think they would welcome cruises booked with final payment due on the cruise.They get to keep the money and issue a FCC for a future cruise. They can assume that Canada might resin their July status if the virus is under control.
  9. Just a to note the Epic was used to get 650 million dollar loan to solve their cash flow problem. It goes to the bank if they can not pay back the loan,
  10. I think the best guess is June i hope to see better results in containing the virus by than.
  11. Since your traveling with young children you will want to eat early. You can book a reservation for the 8 people in your party for between 5 pm and 6 pm with no problem in the 3 main dining rooms.The specialty restaurants require you to book a exact time you want to have diner. If you book and early dining time you will have the best chance of getting a reservation but make sure you book them as soon as you board.
  12. Some ideas open pools at 8 am more people have a chance to put their towels before going to breakfast. Take a row of lounger out and put 2 rows of chairs with flat bottom compartment to put your stuff in
  13. It looks like they take the entire amount you paid and apply it to a future cruise that you chose. As for the cruise next certificates i believe they will return the $500 dollars to your account for future use.
  14. If your doctor states that your health prevents you from going on the cruise your insurance should pay 100% refund.The doctor must state an underlining condition that exposes you to risk by going on this cruise. NCL says you must get a letter from your doctor that you are in good health to board the ship if your over 70 yrs old. Based on their own reasoning you should be able to get a medical reason for canceling your cruise. Most people over 70 have at lease one condition that would apply to you canceling the cruise.
  15. Some one on these boards said RCL is offering a better refund policy of 50% back and 50% in credit for future cruise.
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