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    Wind Surf---drink prices

    I find the following quote conflicting with another quote I have seen stating that only one bottle /person allowed . Can anyone tell us if we can purchase a bottle of wine on route & bring it aboard for personal consumption in our room.? The Windstar policy site says: Passengers are allowed to bring aboard one (1) bottle of wine per person at embarkation and additional wine and beer purchased onshore during the Cruise, which can be consumed in public areas subject to the Ship’s prevailing corkage fee. So it is one bottle per person to start with but you can bring on more that you pick up along the way. One can also bring on beer under that provision.
  2. Windstar4

    Wind Star January 13, 2018

    Thank you for your replies. I thought I had posted to roll call. Have to go over instructions again
  3. First time cruiser on Wind Star. Will be taking taxi or Amber moon from Panama to Colon Sat AM, Jan 13 - would like to share.