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  1. ahhh its just clicked that obviously the 99/149 is because they are sailing from Southampton. I have to think about the airfare to the Caribbean durrr Thanks Suebiker
  2. We normally look at the times the tours get back to the ship, all day ones we don't risk and do P&O if its a few hours or a morning we'll take a look at the local ones. We did a half day tour in St Kitts and it wasn't full so they asked if we wanted to stay on for the full tour which was great! even though it rained a lot we had such a good day and we tipped the guild the extra as it was well worth it. I do think the local ones are better.
  3. Thanks everyone. We want a 14 night, Caribbean cruise which is coming up with Azura and Britannia. I'd love to try Britannia but that's coming up nearly 300 pounds per person extra at the moment. Does the child places depend on the kids club spaces because at 2 this year and 3 next year i think they will be too young for that anyway. When do the other companies release their sailings, so far its only P&O that comes up in searches for Nov 2021 Thanks Dean
  4. Thanks Guys, The Twins are 2 next week so we don’t need to worry about school holidays yet. I booked a canaries cruise on Ventura in September last year and they were 99 each so I thought that was the 0-3 year price 😂😂 so I was shocked to see full price come up. Think we’re just going to do a land holiday in May now and was looking at the Caribbean for Nov 2021...so are we to late for that? Would they ever do a 3rd and 4th person for 99/149? priced up a balcony for 6300 Thanks Dean
  5. Afternoon Guys, is there a certain tread to when P&O do their deals? After having twins we need to rely a bit more on the deals, can’t be paying full price for my twins. I see they are doing the 3rd and 4th passengers for 99 pound on some sailings but it’s only for adults 😡 looking for something in May 2020 Thanks
  6. Not a surprise, always struggled to get in there on Azura and was well worth it both times, didn't enjoy Sindhu or Epicurean half as much.
  7. Hey Guys, Going to the Canaries on Ventura and will have 2 year old twins with us so there probably wont be many trips suitable for us so something ideal would be doing ports on our own and then maybe some time on a beach so would anyone know if there's any beaches near the below ports. I know its crazy to ask if there are beaches in the Canaries but i know some ports can be out the way. Thanks in advance La Palma Tenerife (Santa Cruz) Lanzarote Madeira Lisbon I know the last 2 aren't the Canaries but i thought i
  8. We actually got a whole day added to our cruise once, luckily the day was a bank holiday too so no need to arrange more holiday :) unfortunate for the cruise after us that lost a day but we did miss La Harve as the French were striking as usual but that meant I got nearly 500 quid back for my Paris excursions which I was only doing for someone's birthday so I was quite pleased hahaha
  9. Thanks guys, that’s a shame, not sure when I’ll be back again after this one 😩
  10. Hey Guys Going from Pacific to Atlantic on my next cruise, do i get the benefits on the cruise that takes me over the 50 nights or the one after? and will i get the 7.5% for my whole cruise, the days I'm over 50 or from my next one? Will and Excursions be at the old rate if i book before the cruise? Will the discount come off a drinks package? I know its only an extra 2.5% but every little helps 🙂 Thanks Dean
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