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  1. I miss the poached salmon at the Aquaspa cafe (not just for Aqua spa cabins) but they do a nice salmon salad and have great bread sticks.
  2. There is a sauna anyone can use in the changing room. I didn’t find the Persian Garden appealing because of the lack of windows; nothing gardenlike. you might want to-compare Blu menus with MDR.
  3. thanks. You used to be able to order poached salmon or tuna. Realize won’t be on the ship much for lunch anyway. what is-the salt room in Persian garden?
  4. Thanks for your posts. We are boarding in a couple weeks. did you try the Aqua Spa cafe? They have been cutting back their menu so wondering what was still being offered. It has always been my go for lunch.
  5. Sorry if there is a more recent thread. Was debating DIY to St J vs St J on own. Done both. Summit will be docked inCrown Bay 8-5 and excursion is only 4 hrs, 9-1. Wanted to get 9 ferry fromRed Hook but now worried about waiting for cab to fill and need to leave earlier to get back to CrownBay. is-there a ferry now from Crown Bay to St J? how are conditions at Trunk Bay and Cinnamon? Any thoughts? ( Thanks to Host Anne who introduced me to Trunk Bay on a CC group trip onCinstellation many years ago.)
  6. We will be in port just 8-5. Definitely want to go to StJ. Been to trunk Bay a few times both via RedHook and Celebrity St.J on own. wanted to do St J on own for convenience and to use OBC but would only have 2 hours there after travel. The excursion is 9-1. No idea why they shortened it. Ideally wanted to do some touring then beach. How long is the open air bus tour ? Could we just ride to Maho and then be dropped at Cinnamon? Can you see anything from open air bus? Know there is great view of trunk bay but never been further down. if DIY would aim for 9 ferry from red hook. What ferry should we take back? 2 or3? Any advice appreciated. Really want to go even for short time. Thanks.
  7. Sounds easy enough. Thanks. what desinatiions would you recommend? how much$ do you think it would be for 4 of us for an hour?
  8. We usually go to trunk bay and may book Celebrity’s St John on your own for convenience. how and where do we book an island tour? There are 4 of us and wewould like to spend about an hour touring before the beach. sorry to ask such a basic question but search feature seems to-be-missing.
  9. Are there taxi drivers on Nevis who can show you around or is it walkable?
  10. Just FYI there is a very good international food court on the same block as Marriott. Very convenient location and nice pool.
  11. Glad to hear they are still providing such a great experience. this was the only tour which we extended because we were having such a wonderful time and learning so much.
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