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  1. We had an aft balcony 12th floor on the breakaway (wasn't a suite or Haven). It was a great balcony had room for 2 loungers, 2 chairs a small table with room to spare, loved it.
  2. We were on a 10 day cruise and I think each of the theatre shows were only performed 2 nights each (7&9:30 both nights).
  3. Rock the Pour House 9:30-11:00 Roxy Rock Tribute 8:30 Howl at the Moon 8:39-12:30
  4. We were on the Breakaway in Jan. Burn th Floor and Rock of Ages 7:00 and 9:30.
  5. No, for our Jan Breakawy cruise we received our offer 72 days out as did the other people on our cruise FB page.
  6. In Jan I had a Monday return flight booked originally with Southwest, something came up that I really wanted to be back for on Sunday but the flight to KC that would get me there in time was at 9:35 am, it was also a Southwest flight. I booked it but also kept the 1st flight just in case I didn't make it to the Sunday flight. Thankfully with Southwest you aren't penalized and would you the credit later for the flight I didn't use. We did the self assist debarkment, got in line around 6:30, line started moving around 7:00 and I was in the taxi by 7:35 and at the airport at 7:55. Worked out for me this time but did cause me some anxiety.
  7. Sorry that was on the Breakaway. And part of the seafood platter.
  8. Looks like the performers at Howl at the Moon have changed since our cruise in January. Really enjoying your review of the Breakawy.
  9. We went on Pearl last Feb and Breakaway last month. I was afraid the Breakaway might be too big but once we got on the ship it was fine. For smokers the Pearl has more locations to smoke, unless this has changed in the past year. Waterfront on the Breakaway is really nice area also Spice H2O. We would not hesitate booking either of them again.
  10. Ocean Blue has lobster tail on the menu.
  11. For our Jan cruise people on our roll call and FB page didn't receive offer until about 72 days out.
  12. For our Jan cruise on Breakaway I bid $300 per person to go from inside to balcony, we were awarded an aft balcony. I think that the high bid helped.
  13. We ate there twice when we were on the Breakaway in Jan, we had the shrimp cocktail (husband had 2 of them) no extra charge for them. Husband also had the surf& turf 2nd time no extra charge.
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